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Pain, Decision, Action: Tabatha's Success Story

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Last week we shared Lorrelei's story with you. and the feedback we received was amazing.  We (as humans) have a tenancy to think about our life and that for some reason our story doesn't matter...That it cant teach a story....but at TFW we want to showcase these stories because one thing that has been proven time and time again to work, is to learn from others that have gone through a similar situation.... If we can help somebody in one way, odds are others out there will need to the same advice....so with that being said today we have our second student feature, today we feature Tabatha Alderman, a woman that came in quiet as can be, shy and reserved, but knowing her now shes one of our loudest and strongest warriors. She believes in the community and often is the one cheering the others on....that transformation alone is amazing, but today we bring you her story.

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Pain, Decision, Action: Tabatha's Success Story

I was always that girl growing up that had a positive outlook on life, easy go lucky, no major worries, be happy type of personality. All that changed in a short period after getting into an abusive relationship. I lost that positive demeanor. I had felt defeated.

After 4 years of living across the country in a life that I never wanted for myself, I decided to change, the first thing I had to do was move 3000 miles back to home and with family. Arriving back home became a new journey of obstacles. I was lonely, feeling a little lost, and wanting more for myself but didn't know how to even begin the process of doing so.

One day I had been scrolling through Facebook and noticed a friend always posting about this place called Training For Warriors. I was intrigued to say the least. Watching her post videos of lifting and how strong she was, had me wanting the same for myself. I needed this in multiple ways; one to meet new people and hopefully gain some friendships but two, get strong, healthy and fit. I immediately messaged her and got hooked up with Mikey.

From the minute I stepped foot in the dojo I felt right at home. I quickly became infatuated with lifting heavy and pushing myself beyond what I had thought possible. Being able to hold my own with the boys brings new meaning to being a strong powerful woman.

I have dropped weight and gained an incredible amount of muscle but that's not even my favorite part about TFW. Not only did this place transform my body but it transformed my mind back into that positive girl I always was. My enthusiasm for life is through the roof.

Now a year and a half later, not once have i ever felt judged or looked down upon or most importantly defeated. Even if I don't lift as much as I'd like one day I never feel failure. That feeling and bright outlook has translated over into my everyday life as well. TFW has done that for me. It is such a community, a place of comfort and I can honestly say the people I have met are some of my closest friends today.

I have found my place, something that gives me more out of life and has given me the tools so I can give back to this life. Almost like a calling I never knew I wanted or needed but something I couldn't live without today

Mikey's Takaway:

Tabatha's story is simple, but impactful. One thing I would like you to notice is that the process is the same regardless of the emotional setback...

There was a Pain: Abusive Relationship for 3 years. 
There was a Decision:: To NO LONGER accept that abusive relationship
There was Action: Moved Home to be closer to family.
There was Pain: Tabatha wasn't fulfilled in life or relationships.
There was a Decision: Find a community and do something good for herself.
There was Action: Tabatha got freakishly strong and immensely more confident. (....because of her consistency)

You may not be in an abusive relationship, but perhaps you abuse your body with bad eating habits....perhaps you tell yourself you are worthless.... Whatever your habits and set backs, I hope you can learn from Tabatha's story that with DECISIONS and ACTION you can change it...

If you need help doing that, feel free to fill out the form below and apply now for your FREE 7 Day trial.

Yours in strength,

Coach Mikey

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