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From Chronic Pain to INSANE CHANGE: Rachelle's Success Story

Warriors! I'm so excited to bring you today's success story. You may be used to seeing the before and afters, or hearing about weight loss success stories...but this one is different. This story is the type of story that is uniquely beautiful, because yes, she is dropping pounds...but her success is much deeper than how she looks in the mirror.

It is a firm belief of mine that with strength comes life...and Rachelle is a living testament to that. from her battling chronic pain and discomfort to full on weight training with the best of them....she's made a remarkable transformation.

You never really know how valuable your movement is until you lose the ability to do so....Great job Rachelle and I know this is only the beginning!

Coach Mikey

From Chronic Pain to INSANE CHANGE: Rachelle's Success Story

Before coming to TFW Visalia, I had resigned myself to the fact that I would die in my current
condition. I had a back and hip issue that resulted in misalignment, instability, and painful
movement. I had been living this way for approximately five years and had tried visits to the
chiropractor, physical therapists, and personal trainers. None of these things worked for me, so I gave up. 

I gained weight at increasing speeds and developed more health issues, which made it harder to maintain hope that I could ever change my circumstances.

A friend of mine told me about TFW Visalia and, although I was in despair, something in me
became curious. I asked a lot of questions and I began to think that I could maybe have hope again. I met with Coach Mikey and I found out that every person at TFW Visalia is at a different level of fitness, and that it was okay to not “keep up” with the crowd. I conveyed that if there was a Level Zero, I would be it- Coach Mikey didn’t seem phased and that seemed like a good sign. [Seriously she was at ground zero....we started with high box, body weight box squats....]

I started the next week and it was a struggle- a fantastic one.

I required modifications for, what seemed to be, every work out, BUT I was doing something. I was nervous every time I asked for modification because of how behind I felt I was, but after each workout I realized that I had done something that day that I hadn’t been able to do before; modifications were becoming less significant to me as time went on. I also noticed that there was no competition or standard to meet anyway- everyone encouraged each other.

I made sure that I was consistent with my schedule and estimated that I could make some type
of progress in a few months, but I was not prepared for how much would actually happen.
Between March and August I have gone from thinking about IF I can do a squat to how much
weight I can squat with
; I went from deadlifting a kettle bell to deadlifting, back squatting, and
bench pressing (with a real bar with real weights); I was barely able to tense my abs and now I
do side crunches and knee grabs; I went from shoulder taps and holding a plank (poorly) to
mountain climbers, SIT OUTS, and side planks. I participate in TRX rows, medicine ball slams,
and step ups. My sleep and diet have experienced intense changes and I’ve begun working on
my weight by losing 17lbs and counting. [and people...if you've ever trained through injury...you know how hard that is....17 lbs is AMAZING]

Currently, I have to resign myself to the fact that I may die from accepting the challenge to wake up for a 5am workout, but I will never have to be where I was again. This program is an
invaluable part of my life.


One of our biggest messages to all of our students is that the true to key fitness, and heatlh is not focusing on the weight. True health is long term, and what Rachelle demonstrates is the ability to focus on the current issue and current reaction. I guarantee you there had been times where she thought to herself "I don't know if I could do this." or "I wish my back would just be normal..." and those thoughts are normal, but what seperates the successful from the not, is the action that takes place following those thoughts....she comes in, day after day after day...even if she cant do as much because of pain...she comes in. 

This is how success is made... its not always easy, and its not always fun..but ask Rachelle and she will tell you, it is worth it.

Rachelle is no different than you, if you are looking to improve your life...you just need to take action. If you are interested in sitting with a coach to figure out what that looks like, we would be glad to help you. Simply fill out the form below and we will call you in to set up a free strategy session

Yours in strength,

Coach Mikey

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