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Living A High Quality Life Is Easier Than You Think

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As much as I like to give you nutrition and fitness advice, today I wanted to touch on something a little deeper.

Fitness and Nutrition are 2 aspects of what I would consider healthy, they are not the only determining factors, but they are imperative to having a high quality life.

As coaches we don't ever want to just give you abs. We want to give you confidence, acceptance, and persistence.

The crazy thing, is when you break down all of your basic needs to succeed, it all boils down to one thing.

How you view the world....

When you wake up, do you see the opportunity to do something great, or the overload of problems you have in your life.

When you go to lunch, do you say "That Salmon Salad looks delicious", or "ugh, I have to eat healthy....again"

When your kid wants you play with them do you say "No i am too busy" or do you play knowing that those moments are limited.

You see....everyone is searching for a high quality life, but the fail to enjoy it while it is here.

Everyone wants to be better, and smarter, and in better shape, and more money....and we want it so bad that the present is sacrificed.

If you truly want a high quality life all you need to do is embrace ALL OF LIFE with love and enthusiasm.

Count your blessings, embrace your struggles and your desires and love as much of every moment as you can.

It's really that simple....Love your life, if you want a high quality one.

Try it out for a day, get back to me and tell me how you feel.

Yours in Strength,

Coach Mikey

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