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Today is the day. The first day back at the dojo in a full week. When was the last time I took a full week away? not in 10 years of coaching. I've come back a stronger man....and today I wanted to divulge...I had just taken a trip up to our annual Summit with Training For Warriors.  Around 150 of us and 130 of 300 Affiliates were in attendance....and it was as if Heaven had crashed into earth. it was so surreal.

I gained so much from this week that I think the first thing that I need to do for anyone that follows my stuff, is give you the 5 most powerful lessons of my life (and yes they ALL came from the summit).

I hope you can feel the emotion in these words, and that you gain something great from it. Enjoy.

The 5 Most Powerful Lessons Of My Life

    We had to HUGE blessing of being around perhaps the most motivational and inspirational person in the world, Alicia. She heads the coaching at TFW Huntington Beach. She is a beacon of light and gave probably the most emotional speeches  this weekend  that I had ever witnessed. When talking of her battle with cancer, and life she made the simple demand to all of us "Be Present"....she has 4 daughters and a husband along with her coaching career. and going through what she is going through she remains that beacon of light  relentlessly. 

    I have far too often in my life looked to what is next rather than what is....in almost all aspects of my life. When she said those 2 words, my heart sunk....I knew in an instant how powerful and life changing that moment would be for me. To be present is to fully LIVE. Let's make that a priority.
    When Martin Rooney presented to us he helped us dissect our business, but you can easily use it to dissect your life and entire being as well. The questioned related to our current habits and our reasons behind our success or failure in any specific area. A major lesson that I found was how easy it was to figure out where we need to step up, and why we don't do it.

    It is usually an emotional struggle that leads to poor action, if we want to be successful we have to make the hard decisions despite the emotional dependence to allow ourselves to grow and become the person or business that we need to be.
    When Phil Squatrito from TFW Ponte Vedra Beach took the stage for us, he gave us plenty of nuggets but perhaps one of the most important ideas that he spoke of was the need for us all to lead from the front. 

    Now what does this mean? What this means is that in all areas of leadership, parenthood, coaching, work, relationships, friendships....believe it or not you are leader...but to be a great leader you must lead from the front. You must do the things that you ask of others, you must give your best in everything you do, and you must believe in the mission in which you live and do what it is you would expect from anyone else.
    "i'm proud of you"

    Student of the year Michael Soos repeated this to us a couple of times when talking of his dad calling recently and telling him those 4 words for possibly the first time ever... and the emotion that spoke from Michael's soul that moment was powerful.

    If that wasn't enough, I had a moment with 4x Olympian Todd Hayes, in which I had received an award and in a talk later that night he put his arm around me and told me "You earned that, and I'm proud of you."...and he wasn't the only one this weekend to utter those words to me... 

    The feeling of affirmations that I received in those moments from people that I literally have looked up to for years was a feeling i have NEVER felt before... I know the value of those words, and I want you to make sure you use them when you feel them....for you never know who needs it....everyone needs it...
    I was blessed to ride out from Beaver Hollow on the last shuttle of the day with Luka Hocevar, mentor that I seldom have spoken to but follow intently.  On this 30 minute trip to the airport we talked about everything from developing a team, to coaching, to success in life. and it was probably one of the most "live in the present" moments that I have ever had. 

    He kept it super real with me and gave me simple solutions, even to questions that I hadn't asked. He didn't have to talk with me on that ride, he is a busy man but he did it naturally. Being able to be present with a man that mentors and coaches so many people, and has been one of the biggest influences in my own life and business. I couldn't imagine a better way to close out the summit and it was a big reminder that REAL COACHES care.

We all crave success in love, life, and the pursuit of happiness. We all wish it to be, but then we fail to pay attention to the consequences of our decisions, actions, and what we stand for. This week was a powerful way to reel me in to the man I am supposed to be. It was awakening on so many levels and these are just the most powerful 5 lessons....there's at least 1000 more learned this weekend.

I hope in someway, some how these help you as they have me. If you would like to chat more with me about life, love or fitness I am always game.

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Yours in strength,

Coach Mikey

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