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5 Ways To Go From Fitness Failure To Fitness Fanatic

In the day of Everything fast and everything heavy. Where the word extreme is tied to anything "cool" and the authenticity is given to who could do the craziest exercises on video without killing themselves...we as coaches wonder "why is everyone so scared...."

Fail videos float around youtube, people see pictures of their friends dead after class. (not literally)... and they say "I can't do that."

Well of course! and you shouldn't either.

Quite often when talking to a prospective student I will ask "What do you hope to get out of this program." they answer "results", when I ask how I can help them get there....their response is to "make me sore..." or "push me harder..."

and that is great!, but always within reason.

A lot of them come in, and initially want to go as hard as possible, the more is better mentality will only take you so far. The not so surprising thing is this....the ones that succeed the most typically are the ones that approach fitness with a little moderation.

Fitness defeats far more often than it helps, which [in my opinion] is only because people do not approach fitness correctly....and further more, not enough people have coaches. (Everyone needs a coach.....I even have coaches)

The fitness world misleads you and says that you need to lose 100 lbs yesterday.....they tell you more is better, and you gotta get in shape before you start working out....

You don't lack ability when it comes to becoming leaner, healthier and happier. You just lack approach.

If fitness is defeating you, I challenge you to try something different.

Here are 5 ways to go from Fitness Failure to Fitness Fanatic.

  1. Get a GREAT coach (of course this needs to be my number 1 recommendation)
  2. Start slower...its not a sprint. Going from no activity in 20 years to working out 7 days per week is not necessary.
  3. Focus on hitting singles, not home runs. Often times people swing for the fences and strike out. This happens in the form of meal prepping too much, new diets, double days at the gym....focus on getting on base consistently by eating a great meal, getting a strong workout in...do it enough, and you will succeed.
  4. Invest your money in a great program or great nutrition program...not your wardrobe. You see the best dressed gym goers at a $10 buck chuck membership gym. Instead of updating your gym wardrobe, I suggest joining a program that is dedicated to making you look better without those clothes.
  5. Focus on changing a habit, not a lifestyle. If you drink 64 oz of Pepsi, eat 2 Big Macs, and pizza for dinner every day.....going cold turkey and changing a lifestyle is often not the way to go. Instead switch that soda for water and make that a habit....slowly moving on to the next one. 

If fitness is defeating you, change your approach...don't give up.

You absolutely DESERVE more years with your kids. You absolutely DESERVE a better body and confidence. You absolutely DESERVE success.

Make it happen cap'n. You got this.

Yours in Strength,
Coach Mikey

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