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Fitness, You May Be Doing It Wrong...

I would beg to argue that most people don't fail in fitness because they don't want to be healthier. Contrary to the "If you want it bad enough" approach, I believe most people just don't understand what change looks and feels like. 

This leads to frustration and ultimately them quitting...

What your doing in fitness most likely isn't wrong. I will be the first to tell you that more movement is good movement.....but, HOW you are doing it can be holding you back immensely.

You see, I believe in fitness.

I believe that one way isn't the only way. I believe that the human body is majestically adaptable. I believe that the human mind and body when working in harmony can create some really amazing things.

You aren't failing because you want to fail.
You are failing because you aren't on the correct path.

(This is why a coach makes a big difference.)  

More often than not, people like to throw a lot of fitness on top of their out of shape body when they start exercising again.

"More must mean better, right?"

More often than not, people often neglect the art of movement, for the sake of calories burned.

"Calories in, Calories out right?"

This is holding you back.

This is what is called "jumping into the fire", while at times it may be okay....when changing your habits it doesn't really work like that....at least not in clusters.

We are creatures of habit and if you try add too much change/stimulus than your body will reject it...it's not your desire, its your process that breaks you down.

When making the decision to get healthier, I almost suggest the complete opposite. 
Start with 2-4 days per week of fitness...not 6 and definitely not double days. 
(Secret tip #1, You have more to work on....fitness is not the only reason you are out of shape..I've met a lot of out of shape fit guys and girls too.)

FOCUS on quality of movement, before you focus on loading with heavy weights or an extreme number of sets and reps. 
(Secret tip #2, you burn more calories, and decrease pain when you move better...for most people, mastering movement will allow them to get results FASTER than those that just move more)

Quality will ALWAYS produce better results (in ANY area of your life...), so give yourself the gift of slowing your roll and falling in love with the process.

This is a marathon, not a foot race to the end of the block.

You have been unhealthy for so long, you can not honestly expect to be healthy in 30 days...or even 6 months...

You definitely can expect to be HEALTHIER.... and that is the truth.

For fitness, you just may be doing it wrong, but what your doing may not be wrong.

Give more focus, give more attention to detail, and become the person that you deserve by taking it one step at a time.

Yours in Strength,

Coach Mikey

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