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Nutrition is Simple

How many times have you sat talking to a friend to hear them say something like “My personal trainer told me I can’t eat carbs…” or perhaps  something more like…

 ”If you want to look like spaghetti, then eat spaghetti….” (Yes, that one actually happened, no it wasn’t me that said it)

 How many times have you heard that you HAVE to go paleo? You HAVE to go keto? You HAVE to….jump on the next bandwagon…..

 Well guess what….you don’t, and you probably shouldn’t.

The all or nothing approach to fitness or nutrition rarely succeeds. For some they get initial results and love it, but eventually they can’t maintain such strict requirements. For others, they may not see any results at all….eventually the diets don’t last, they literally will die out.

 Instead of moving on to the next one, I have the SIMPLEST and most EFFECTIVE eating PARADIGM for you....I call it a paradigm because its an understanding, and mental rewiring more than anything else. I don't promote diets, I promote education, and I promote understanding.

You want to get lasting results? You want to ENJOY food? 

Check it out,

The New Eating Paradigm

Every day people think to themselves "ughh I have to eat salad again..." or "ugh....I really need a diet coke right now..." and they do 1 of 2 things,

1. They indulge in bad food and avoid the good, and feel terrible that they had NO will power.
2. They stay strong, and feel terrible that they are eat like a cow (grass...aka salad) rather than eating the cow.

But guess what, Salads are actually good...but they don't have to be your only meal. Chicken is GREAT, but it doesn't have to be your only protein source...

Seriously, you gotta eat, and you gotta eat a VARIETY of foods....the problem doesn't lie in limited food, it doesn't lie in healthy food being bland. The problem lies in the fact that you don't know how to prepare your food. Or that you are too fatigued or lazy to prepare your own food.

There's an easy fix for all of those issues as well, To get better eating habits you gotta do one thing....


Your food needs to be nutritious AND taste good. 
You need to find satisfaction in your actions and choices.
You need to do it often....

Order a Recipe book, look online.... We have the world at our fingertips and we say things like  "we don't know how to cook..."  When a recipe is only 1 click away...

You aren't forbidden from having chicken wings or a burrito. but you shouldn't be overindulging either.

The key to longevity in your health is OF COURSE, getting a copious amount of vegetables, andnutritious protein source and healthy carbohydrate dense food sources....but if you want a burrito at lunch on Monday that's fine...just don't eat ten.

If you are sick of eating food that doesn't taste good, but also sick of the spare tire around your waist....you need to learn how to cook, and you need to learn how to LIKE cooking...

This is what makes it a mental rewiring (and what creates your long term success)...It's just as simple to hate  a moment as to like one, and you need to learn how to appreciate the moment, skills, and labor that it takes to cook....that isn't easy but it can be learned.

I love the idea of using measurements to gauge your habits.as it makes it easy to understand your flaws and successes, when you understand your habits, you can make conscious decisions to ultimately rewire your subconscious...

For instance say you eat 3 meals a day: 3 meals x 7 days = 21 meals

If currently your only eating only 2 good meals a week (that is 90% unhealthy meals by the way)simply switch out 1-2 bad meals for good meals from now on. 

by now you have jumped up to 20% healthy which is a HUGE improvement.

Every time you get comfortable (for some this may take 2 weeks, others a full month...nutrition is not one size fits all), you can increase your healthy meals by 1-2 meals and cut out some of the bad.

Eventually shooting to one day eat 80% healthy meals (which is about 4 "bad" meals per week...) think about it, that is A LOT of leeway.

If you want to be super lean, go for 90 %....

Changing your health doesn't have to be drastic...in fact I argue that it SHOULDN'T be drastic..it took you a lot of time to pack on those pounds, give yourself a chance to do it gradually so your body can adjust to the good changes without burning out and plateauing. 

You deserve success, and you deserve to not be lied to.

Diet's fade, habits stay....

Do you want to be healthy and lean for a life time or for 12 weeks.

Want to learn more about how you can change your habits and develop a true healthy and HAPPY lifestyle? 

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Yours in strength,

Coach Mikey


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