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WILLPOWER: Stop Making The Wrong Decisions....

“It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it.”
— Douglas MacArthur

Hey warriors,

Every day in some form or fashion we wake up. We wake up to choices, or rather I say opportunities.

When we talk about the idea of being a warrior with our students, we do not mean that they will all go to battle in the military or in a physical confrontation. No, for the vast majority of our students they will never battle it out in a war zone or exchange blows with an arch nemisis. 

But the battle comes from daily life. We are faced with a choice, 

Be who we've always been, or become who we dream to be.

This can be said for not only a personal development and self confidence improvement, but becoming a better parent, spouse, friend, employee....We are faced with an opportunity in EVERY circumstance to be better.

Most people, choose to stay the same...

Not because they LOVE who they are, what they stand for, and  the choices they make....no, people stay the same because its far more comfortable.

It's not comfortable to  learn a new way of cooking
It's not comfortable to work out for the first time in 10 years.
It's not comfortable to hear others joke about how you never stuck it out before...
It's not comfortable to enter the unknown.

Drinking alcohol regualrly, getting your morning starbucks, and eating out on date night are all habits. it makes you feel at peace, as if your world is aligned because it is the known. 

You know what to expect....

Yet more often than not, the habits that we hold as normal or comfortable are also habits that hold us back tremendously.....

Ice cream rewards.....
TV binges....
Cooking the "best" Fried foods....

these are just a few habits that can easily sabotage your health and lifestyle dream. (I'm sure you can name even more habits...) 

Remember what a habit is....

Sp in essence, I would say anything you do consistently is considered a habit.

Habits can be good, habits can be bad....but its up to you to chose the best options for yourself.

So you know, you make the wrong choices.....but you are not sure how to fix it?

The first step: ACCEPTANCE

As we are human, we most likely live behind denial, and false perceptions of who we really are.... 

"I don't eat thaaaat bad..." "I try to stretch sometimes..."

We get caught in in these half truths to convince ourselves that we don't make so many bad choices, but guess what....we can't outsmart the truth, it always shows in some form or fashion.

Try taking out a pen and paper and write out a list of all things "bad" that you have done this week.

From using too much oil when cooking to binge eating a whole sleeve of oreos. 
From Sleeping only 4 last night, to vegging out on the couch for 2 hours watching the real housewives.

Write it ALL..... This will allow you to come to grips with where you currently are at.....

and do not even mutter the excuse "Well this was a bad week." because odds are you are looking for a change because your normal isn't making you happy. that is caused by habits, not a bad week...


Now that you know your bad habits, and you have a visual.... you need to place them in a specific order of enjoyment...odds are some of your habits you REALLY enjoy... some not so much,  Get a list and place them in order from most enjoyable to least.

The reason I say to do this is that it will be much harder to break the more enjoyable habits than the latter end. Our goal will be to progressively get better. Big change often putters out, small change creates habits.

Step 3: Take ACTION

Simple enough, you have a list.... bad habits... you know which ones you enjoy, which ones you don't.

Now comes the time to take action. start at the bottom, choose the habit that you LEAST enjoy and eradicate it from your life. Yes, keep drinking that wine as long as you cut out that midnight PB & J  you will be making me proud.

Do this for at least a week, if not 2....then move up the list and remove a second bad habit.

Step 4: Bask In Your GLORY

You are now making progress to becoming your best self.

Willpower by itself is overrated. what you need is a strategy.

and in essence that strategy will produce will power.

But you can not truly become a master of your own domain, you can not achieve the goals you set for yourself, and you can not maintain them if you do not change your habits.

But by simply changing your habits, they will sort of fall right in place.

Your will to succeed is there, you feel it....the fear of the unknown pushes it away. If you truly want to be better, focus on 1 habit at a time, prepare for it, and do it....The more you are consistent, the easier it becomes to have "will power."

You just need to think big picture.

 no more goals...it's all about the habits that make the goal.....it's not losing 20 lbs, its switching out the Twinkies and mountain dew for breakfast (most likely not you...but you get the idea) with a nice omelette and bowl of oatmeal.

So in review, you want better willpower? Heres the 4 Simple Steps.

  1. Focus on acceptance and awareness of your bad habits.
  2. Take ownership and create an understanding of your bad habits
  3. Take Action on the EASIEST habit first.
  4. Bask in your glory, because you have moved forward.

I hope this helps, for more specific help with your goals, and developing a plan to get you there feel free to apply by filling out the form below!

Yours in strength,

Coach Mikey

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