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Simple Swaps: A beginners guide to eating better

Hey Warriors!

I see you, trying to be healthier! Congrats on your pursuit of greater bodies and more fullfilling lives. 

In fact, I am quite proud of you.
Perhaps, you have hit the gym for 2 weeks in a row now, or cut out soda from your diet.
Perhaps you let go of a toxic habit or toxic relationship.
or maybe perhaps you simply opened your mind to the idea that you need to be healthier...

Regardless of the progress you have made thus far, you made it to our blog...and for that I am proud of you.

I know a big concern of yours is giving up all of the "good" food....for somebody starting out, we rarely would tell them to give up all of their junk food at once...because honestly, who believes that actually works?

Instead what we practice and we preach at TFW Visalia is developing and shifting habits! This means, slowly making some changes that overtime will added up to big shifts in your habit and your actions.

I wanted to deliver 10 simple swaps that can make your eating cleaner much easier, with little to no resentment at all as you slowly learn how to create a LOVE of all things broccoli.

Here you go:

10 Simple Swaps

  1. When eating at Red Robin (or any restaurant) swap Bottomless fries for Bottomless broccoli.
    • Did you know Red Robin offers this?... If you are at any other restaurant substitute the fries for a veggie....I guarantee you most places will have this option.
  2. Swap anything fried, for anything baked.... (chips, fries, chicken etc...)
    • The difference can range anywhere from 70 calories to upwards of 600....
  3. Swap water with soda..
    • The recommended daily intake of sugar for men is 37 g, and women is 25 g....a single 12 oz can of soda has 39 g......Need I say more?
  4. Swap canned fruit for fresh fruit.
    • Depending on the fruit and syrup used in the can, it can hold upwards of 20 g extra of sugar....
  5. Swap the dip and chips for hummus and cucumber slices.
    • This will not only give you more vitamins, but also cut down on calories while increasing your water intake....and it's still crunchy and tastes great!
  6.  Swap your Frozen Dinner for left overs.
    • Every time I am at the grocery story and I pass by the frozen meals I wonder "do people still eat these..."but obviously they do if there is a whole aisle dedicated to them....Cook nutritious food in bulk and you'll be able to cut out the poor quality, "nutritional" fillers, and loaded chemicals for much higher quality meals.
  7.  Swap your solo order on date night, for a romantic "let's share something"
    • Instead of spending $15-25 dollars per meal, spend $30-50 and get a higher quality meal and split it....Most restaurants give you more than double of your individual need per meal... Eat like royalty.....really lean and healthy royalty.
  8.  Swap your Milkshake for a SUPERshake.
    •  Instead of piling ice cream and candy into a blender, try using spinach and your favorite fruit..... for an extra kick, throw in some greek yogurt to boost your protein and add a little creaminess to the texture.
  9.  Swap your Burrito for your Burrito Bowl
    • Chipotle is known for their burrito bowls, but any Mexican restaurant can do it too....The tortilla you get from these places. A Chipotle tortilla has 300 calories and 46 g carbs....odds are, you don't need to be carb loading.
  10. Swap your breakfast pastry for a whole wheat or gluten free (if you are allergic) piece of toast/english muffin with Natural Peanut Butter and fruit. You will still feel satiated and you will be loading up on more fiber, nutrients, and natural sugars vs processed.

Often times people get caught up on trying to make too many changes too fast....and often times, people think that being healthy means that you can not enjoy your eating.

Health and healthy lifestyle choices should not chores or punishment, but rather options to help you feel better, stronger and happier. 

You deserve to be healthier and happier, but it takes repetitive small changes to make this happen! 

We hope some of these swaps help and remember, if you ever need anything....feel free to send us a message or give us a call.

Yours in strength,

Coach Mikey
TFW Visalia

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