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Maybe It's Time That You Quit

Good morning warriors!

Far too often you have been told things like "Quitters never win!"....
Far too often you have seen FAR TOO MANY "guru's" talk about the "No Quit" attitude.
Far too often you hear that and it sparks a little fire....
and, Far too often that fire dies faster than the amount of time it took to watch that video.

Maybe it's time you do the opposite.

Maybe it is time to quit.

Time to quit the things that are holding you back of course.

Most people when they come to talk to me, or to sign up they start off by asking about all of the the things that they can do....what supplements to buy, and what shoes are best for lifting. They start planning all of the things they will add to their life....but there is a HUGE problem with this strategy.

When people do this, typically they focus on going to buy those shoes, they focus on getting a good protein powder, and they focus on the things they will be adding into their new lifestyle (all great things by the way) but then they spend so much time ADDING, that they forget to SUBTRACT the things that have gotten them to the point of unhappy and unhealthy. 

If you add some potpourri on top of crap, guess what...you still have crap.

You need to get rid of the junk, if you truly want to achieve success...

So I will tell you this, quitters WIN far more than those that abstain from it. Over the course of your journey you need to SLOWLY cut out the junk that got you to that unhealthy/unhappy point. This is far more important than anything you could add in.....FAR MORE IMPORTANT.

Here's the SIMPLE reason why....

When you are making a decision to change, you are doing so because so far everything you have done hasn't been working....more than likely you aren't eating healthy foods, drinking enough water, and not exercising. More than likely you are eating highly processed/unhealthy foods, drinking too much sugar water (soda and juices), and Spending multiple hours on your couch.

If you add a few hours of exercise on TOP of your  regular netflix binges and unhealthy eating, you won't really get much results... (you will be a little healthier..but I guarantee you won't reach what you are working towards).

If you add a couple of glasses of water, That is GREAT you may be a little more hydrated but you wont achieve what you are looking for if you don't cut back the 64 oz Big Gulp.

My Advice:


Quit the things that put you into a position of unhappiness.
Quit the things that put you into a position of unhealthiness.
Quit the things that Make you feel less than...

You deserve to succeed, but you need to know the truth.

Sometimes you NEED to quit...and sometimes it is HARD...but eventually it becomes less hard, and then eventually you enjoy it

Also....make sure you quit the right things....quitting exercise is not that answer....

As always, If you ever need anything...you know you can reach out.

We are ALWAYS here for you at TFW Visalia.

Yours in Strength,

Coach Mikey


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