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The Worlds Greatest Fat Loss Tip

In a world of over consumption, its no surprise that people tend to over indulge in education as well....

Yes I said it, people try to LEARN too much....education isn't bad, in no way am I saying that. What i mean by this is that most people struggle with the same BASIC flaws in their eating habits and activity level yet they read countless articles about new "super foods" extracted from the amazon that is going to burn fat faster.

People are quick to look into all of these "science" based diet programs that involve eating no carbs, or only carbs, no meat, or all meat....People then decide well maybe I need supplementation and they look up the greatest fat burners on the market or "which protein is better, soy or whey.."

All of this education is halting your success. Stop....seriously.

It is great to take in new knowledge but not when it halts the action.

Now before you harp on me and tell me that education is king....Here is why I want you to stop.

The Internet.

The internet is flooded with information, and it is all at our fingertips.

It is very easy to read an article, click a link and read another, click again and read another...all until you've read so much that now you are stuck trying to figure out where to start....and we can only hope that what you read was accurate. 

Education is good but education without action is bad.

But guess what In an article that I am posting on the internet, about you not reading so much on the internet (see what I did there...) I wanted to finally expose the secret that all of these supplement companies and diet gurus are hiding from you.

I wanted to give you the real deal to how you are going to get results!

You see for every success story that those companies produce they have much more that didn't succeed. (it's rather simple why.....they didn't follow the "secret")

In a world of obesity and disease it is  easy to buy in to a concept of  "this product makes it EASY", the reality....it is easy...but not in the same way that you think.

With that being said, Here it is..

The World's Greatest Fat Loss Tip

1. Eat whole foods, move more, and enjoy the process. (yes that is 3 tips in 1....I'm totally over-delivering today.)

Whole Foods: You see any diet plan that has any merit is built upon those principles. "Paleo" "21 day fix" "The Virgin Diet" "Mediterranean diet" etc, it is built from the idea of eating vegetables, lean protein, healthy fats, and complex carbs. Regardless of what you call it...you need to eat 80% primarily healthy foods (for those with more intense goals I may even suggest the 90% rule).

Move More: Simple right. Society is moving more and more towards technology which in one regard is freakin remarkable. Think about how COOL it is to be able to communicate with people thousands of miles away....in a matter of 1 second. THAT IS FREAKIN AWESOME! The abilities that we have, would be considered witchcraft back in the day, and now its considered normal...but as awesome as it is, it promotes a lot of inactivity.

People work 8+ hours a day and barely get out of the chair to go to the bathroom. We drive EVERYWHERE, and get home from a long day of sitting to SIT MORE....this causes our body to not burn energy as efficiently and a lot of muscles to lay dormant. Our body CRAVES movement. 

I won't say our program is the best way but I will say that our program DEFINITELY works to instill this concept and to offset a lot of the damage done by your average day to day inactivity. 

Enjoy The Process: You wouldn't believe (or perhaps you would...) how many people GRIPE all day about EVERYTHING. Its apparent just by looking on Facebook. This is such a detriment to your success in ANYTHING, especially in your health and fitness goals. 

If you hate everything about your journey, you surely won't stick it out....Focus on all of the things that you are "giving up" or on the fact that you "have to workout." and you dread every second of it...and guess what before you know FAILURE, you give up....and the crazy part is that THIS IS A CHOICE. 

Find joy in the little successes, in finding a NEW recipe to try, or getting better at doing an exercise...and you will be BEGGING for more. 

If you want to be successful you NEED to ENJOY THE PROCESS.

And guess what folks, It really is THAT SIMPLE.

We live in a world that over-complicates everything. Stop reading about your super foods and eat some BROCCOLI!

Stop looking up "great workout finishers" and start WORKING OUT.

Stop COMPLAINING, and ENJOY the process....seriously.

You deserve it....let it happen. It is amazing how easy it REALLY is.

Yours in Strength,

Coach Mikey

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