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The 5 Most Important Investments

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Today I thought that there would be no better topic than that of which INVESTMENTS you need to make.....those that you NEED to make.

We live in a day of age that the world is at your finger tips, seriously....Where would you be with out google?

Being that there is SO MUCH out there, I wanted to make your life a little easier and I wanted to help comfort your brain a little bit by giving you the 5 most important investments that you could make in your entire life.

These 5 investments often get overlooked for shiny objects and halfway broken promises. You can not control any investment, as well as you could control these 5. Focus on these 5 investments and I promise you WEALTH, HEALTH, and  HAPPINESS....

avoid them, and you just may be stuck with that bitter taste of defeat.

The 5 Greatest Investments

  1. Relationships.

    Sounds simple, but this in my opinion is the NUMBER 1 investment. This may make some people gasp because the usual advice from an outsider is to invest in yourself first. I don't believe it, although it is important....nothing is more important than the relationships you foster. 

    As human's we CRAVE intimacy (not just the romantic kind). We crave the feeling that people care about us, that we are liked, loved, and appreciated. 

    I guarantee you, if you are surrounded by the right people, it will be easy to love your self, and thus invest in yourself more. If you feel no one cares, you will have the mindset of "whats the point?"

    Invest in relationships of all KINDS, marriage, children, friends, family members, clients etc. If you put yourself out there more and invest in people, eventually they will invest in you. Relationships are a game and give and give.....don't believe the hype when people say it should be give and take.....if you give enough, you always receive....you will never have to take.
  2. Education

    Yes I said it, the forbidden E word. Many of you probably haven't read a book since the school system required it. Many of you probably haven't attended a lecture since that last once you were forced to attend to graduate....This doesn't make you a bad person, but it does hold you back from achieving success and true wealth ( IMO: a combination of financial, emotional, spiritual, and mental health)

    Make it a goal to read 1 book a month on a topic you enjoy or always wanted to know more about, invest in seminars and opportunities to learn so that you can get the most out of life.

    There are so many smart people in the world, it is our duty to learn from them so we can give back. The more you know, the more you grow.
  3. Passion

    Do you have a hobby? something that you LOVE doing?

    DO IT....Investment is not always money, but time.....Don't skip out on the activities you love for the ones that you hate.. "I can't go ______ because I have to do _______ this weekend"....I bet you can fill in the blanks....how often have you said this? The simple solution? If you do something for the wrong reason, it most likely is not the right thing to do. Cut back on the things that make you miserable, and invest in the things that you LOVE. This is a major key to happiness.

    A year ago, I invested in weightlifting shoes....to this day I still get the comment "you invested in shoes that you wear for 10 minutes." 

    But In reality, I invested in a tool that can help me move better, lift stronger, and ultimately lead a healthier life.....that $90 seems insignificant when I feel better by using them.

    When you have a passion, invest in it....I can almost guarantee you that if you switch your $90 bar tab out for something you've always wanted to do...your life would feel much more fulfilling. 
  4. Strangers

    Yes, I just said strangers. In my opinion a warrior is not just someone out for themselves and those that they love...but they fight for the world. A warrior carries the world on their shoulders because they care about the world.

    It is much easier to tell someone that you don't know that you don't have time to help them, or that you don't have any spare change to give....
    It is much easier to blame the worlds problems on others in the world, and it is much easier to take care of yourself....because everyone else not living up to your standards clearly isn't valuable to your world.

    But if you want to be happier, try giving something (be it a hand, a hug, a meal, or a couple bucks). It is hard to do something nice for someone with a scowl on your face. Give back more to this world because in all honesty, we are privileged people. we have no room to deny help when we have been helped so many times in our life....A warrior does not need a Soapbox....we are too busy acting as soap (cleaning up the world....yes that was a stretch)
  5. Health

    What good would a list (created by a coach) about investing be if it did not include your health. 

    I am a huge believer that with a stronger body, everything else in the world gets easier. The previous 4 investments, all will improve by simply investing in this one. Not only does physical exercise release a multitude of hormones, but the surplus of those hormones has been proven to make people feel happier, more confident, and more resilient to disease and external stressors.

    Aside from the fact that your body will look better, your mental state and emotional state will feel better.....and ding ding ding! THAT IS WHAT EVERYONE WANTS...

    If you want a high quality life, you need to treat your body to high quality living conditions to support the life that you want.

You see, investment's aren't about the initial return. Most people invest to quickly in ideas.....and fail to focus on what really matters.

If your goal is more money, that is completely okay (we all want it to some extent). But invest in the 5 most important investments I mentioned and I guarantee you will have much more opportunity than if you invest in the newest pyramid scheme or products.

If your goal is to feel significant, you would be hard pressed trying the find something more important to invest in than the 5 investments mentioned above.

If you want to be HAPPIER, a new pair of shoes or purse just wont cut it, but I guarantee you strong relationships will.

You deserve to be told the truth, and the truth is people don't come to our dojo to get in shape, they come to discover something about themselves, they come to BECOME the persion that they have always wanted to be.

We all crave it, we just are afraid to admit it.

Build your life based on significance, and you will have a life worth living.

Yours in strength,

Coach Mikey

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