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The "Perfect Timing" Formula


Good Morning! As I was searching through some notes that I had taken at a coaching course that I had taken this past weekend. I realized that I had bolded a very specific quote. 

"Don't wait for the perfect time to start, start and maybe the time will be perfect."

This hit me hard, and to the normal person reading it they may think "Yea, I've heard that before.".... Well guess what, I have too! It wasn't that it was new knowledge that made it so profound but I think I was able to simply relate to it much better now.

One of the most common things people will say to me if I run into them at a supermarket is "I will come see you after I lose some weight."  and then I am stuck in this awkward moment of do I give them the truth, or awkwardly change the subject.

This mindset is the mindset that holds so many of us back in pretty much EVERY aspect of our life.

There's another quote that say's "Most people are stopped by the start"

Meaning whatever the task is, it appears to be too daunting for the individual to feel as if they could succeed.

This tells me 2 things:

1. The majority of people on this earth are SUPER INSECURE.
2. The majority of people on this earth are not truly happy.

Allow me to indulge in those 2 points that I like to call "emotional restraints"  a little bit....

1. Insecurity

Many people let their insecurities get in the way before they even take a step forward. It is far too comfortable to maintain bad habits than it is to trade them for good. Most people in this world fear 2 things, public performance, and public persecution. This means that anytime they make a move that is unnatural to their being they most likely will experience fear. (this is normal by the way....)

When joining a gym, the fear of people staring, or judging is at an all time high.
When opting for the salad at lunch instead of fast food with coworkers, people fear judgement and trash talk from said "friends"....sometimes is appears easier to join than to resist them.

Insecurity is essentially one persons emotional need to be accepted, wanted, and needed.....and when challenged, creates the response of "let's get back in our shell now, it is safe there..."

2. False Happiness

People live for self-medicating habits....think about it, that tub of ice cream surely is the "answer" to a fresh break up. A long list of drinks at the bar is surely an "answer" to a rough week at work. COFFEE...oh man, can't get through the day without that Venti Mocha Choca Latte yaya....

People rely on these things to help them experience some sort of false happiness.... "ahhh life is better now that I am in this sugar induced coma."

The truth is though, these habits for sure are not good for you, and they in fact aren't making you happier....they are making you worse.

These two emotional restraints, are the real culprit, the "perfect timing" idea is simply a crutch for the restraints to lie upon.

People resist what they do not know, and the sooner we learn to take risks, make decisions and take action, the sooner we will all be moving towards our goals.

The truth is, I don't have a perfect timing formula, I just thought that title seemed catchy. 

To create the perfect time, you don't have to do a single thing but act upon that want/need/desire/etc....

If you have a NEED for losing weight (health issues, body image issues, family life etc) I guarantee you that waiting for the perfect time is inevitable failure as the perfect time will never be here.....Don't wait, Do IT...

If you have a DESIRE to get a date with someone, I guarantee you that if you wait for the perfect time to talk to your crush, it will never come.....Don't wait, DO IT.

If you are unhappy with your job and want a NEW career, I guarantee you that if you wait to switch you may not have the opportunity later..don't wait, DO IT!

The more that you wait, the more insecurity will brew and fester inside of you...which ultimately makes the start harder and harder and harder....

The more that you wait for the perfect time, the more time will pass you....We aren't guaranteed any time on this earth, so please please please don't waste yours.

Do what you are meant to do, do the tings that your future self will thank you for..and do them SPECTACULARLY well..you deserve it.

Your's in strength, 

Coach Mikey

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