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What Are You Teaching Your Kids


Many of our blogs touch on motivation, steps to becoming stronger, and tips to become healthier.

This one, might be our most important blog post to date.

I want you to do an exercise, Pull up your smart phone, turn the camera on selfie mode (because no one carries mirrors with them) and look yourself in the eye....ask this one question.

"What am I teaching my kids?"

and really ponder that deep thought....don't lie to yourself.

This is the saddest tragedy in the american and seemingly global family.

We are currently in a health crisis, I would even go as so far to say it is an EPIDEMIC.... The problem is not only in the crisis itself but in the shear fact that it is accepted, and glorified as normal.

Present day, 1 out of every 3 american children and teenagers are overweight or obese.

If you know anything about this disease....once you get the weight on, it becomes hard to get off. Not because of the difficulty of action, but rather the difficulty of changing habits and paradigms.

With 1 out of 3 kids being overweight I want to seriously ask you....What are you teaching your kids?

I am not here to shame the overweight community but rather help. You see, there is a LONG list of health issues, muscular and skeletal issues, and self esteem issues associated with this epidemic; and it seems as if today's society would rather cover it up than change it.

People will say the word "fat" is insulting or tell their kids "you're just big boned honey."...Masking the deeper issues.

  • We buy our kids happy meals to fix their self esteem, after all it is a "happy" meal. 
  • We buy them the latest video games because all of the other kids have it.
  • We skip organized sports because it is too dangerous.
  • We look down on the parents that have their kids eating broccoli and hummus, all while muttering "that's child abuse, they don't even let their kids live...."

Never realizing that the idea is backwards....extremely backwards.

  • In fact having your kids eat hummus and broccoli will in HELP your children live.
  • Getting your kids active in sports will teach them value and work ethic and integrity.
  • Turning off the video game will help them ignite their imagination and activity levels.
  • Giving your kids a nutritious meal instead of the fast food will get the right vitamins and nutrients to ever growing and STARVING bodies.

But you see, in today's society.....those healthy parents are CRAZY. 

I want to ask you, what are you really teaching your kids?

If you struggle with weight issues, health issues, or self esteem issues due to the your health and body image.....do you really want your kids sitting in your shoes? Feeling how you feel?

As parents, we should always STRIVE to give our children the best, most impactful leadership that we can. 

It is not a choice, it is our DUTY to give our kids the tools and habits needed to break the chains of obesity and disease. 

It is not a choice, it is our DUTY to give our kids a fighting chance to live a HIGH QUALITY life, not burdened by pain and disease.

It is our duty, to be role models.

If you are unhealthy, unhappy, and negative...what are you teaching your kids?

(side note: Likewise a healthy person, if you shame other, or talk bad about others...but feed your kids broccoli.....you are no different....)

Your kid's deserve a fighting chance, and it is your duty to give it to them.

Below I have comprised a small list of what I consider the 10 MOST important things to teach your children. You don't have to be perfect, you can fail, and you can be wrong...but you should always STRIVE to give them what they deserve.

Top 10 Things You Need To Teach Your Kids

  1. Love! (seriously, it is the foundation to all things in life)
  2. Respect for others, and ones self
  3. Empowerment/Self Esteem
  4. AMBITION (work ethic and a clear vision combined make ambition)
  5. To stand up for what is right (not always what we think is right...there is a difference)
  6. To live in peace (limiting the act of dwelling on problems)
  7. The importance of eating the right foods.
  8. How to eat the right foods.
  9. The importance of regular physical movement
  10. How to regularly move and be active.

This idea is something that I have been thinking about A LOT lately.

And yes the idea sounds fantastic, but we all know it is harder to implement when your kids aren't always in your supervision. Grandma will still give them candy, the baby sitter will still buy McDonalds. etc

We aren't going to lie and say there won't be resistance.... People will condemn you for eating and giving your kids the right foods. Even your kids may put up a fight when they crave that bag of chips....but IT IS YOUR DUTY....no one said it would be easy.

It is your DUTY to teach them the WHY behind it so that these habits shape their lifestyle.

When you are at work, and you have a deadline...you don't just say its too hard and give up, you finish the project. you give your best effort. because I guarantee you that if you don't...you won't have a job for long.

Your parenthood is the most important job you could ever have. You have the power to shape the future of not only your kids life but of the world. It is your duty to give them the best possible chance.

So after reading this let me ask you again,

What are you teaching your kids?

I tell you what though, it starts with you....a huge rule of influence is to be a person that you expect them to be....Lead by example, and give them the education to support it...."Do as I say not as I do..." rarely works.

You have a choice, and It is your duty.
Time to be a parent ya'll!

I hope this blog left at least a little spark.

If you need help, that is ok! Email us at info@TFWvisalia.com and we can help you out. You don't need to be a student of ours for advice. We are always here to help.

Yours in strength,

Coach Mikey


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