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5 Life Hacks To Eating Healthier


Recently Dina and I have started implementing a new nutrition philosophy in our lives. It is not totally foreign to our normal eating habits, but it allowed us to really dial in on some key areas of our life. 

They say nutrition is the best medicine, and honestly our eating habits have been sporadic as long as I could remember. We each had different faults but also shared some common bonds. I loved donuts and copious amount of meat (sometimes I would eat over a pound of meat in one sitting).  She had a habit of not eating enough. We both frequently could be seen eating tubs of ice cream on the weekend, and drinking multiple sodas at family get-togethers. (totally bad right?....I know!)

Not to mention other things....We ate exactly the way we told people not to. Although we have always loved broccoli, and lean meats too...We often fell in the same trap as our students. 

We thought we were eating healthy.....

You see people think eating healthy is hard. It is not...this past month of our new nutrition philosophy and practice has been nothing short of AMAZING. The problem lies in preparation not difficulty.

Today I wanted to share 5 Life Hacks that We have discovered in our current nutrition endeavors.

5 Life Hacks to Eating Healthier 

  1.  3P's: Prepare, PREpare, PREPARE. 

    First off, This does not mean cook veggies and throw it in a Tupperware....that is great but there is more to it. If you enjoy something, odds are a lot of preparation went into that experience.  If you watch a movie.....sit and wait for the credits and you will be astounded by how much went into it, what you saw was the movie but not the work behind it...This can be said about a great meal at a restaurant, a great concert, and a great family vacation....

    The key to eating healthy is enjoying it......so take some time ans look up recipes to try, sit down on a sunday night and write out shopping lists for what you need, and plan a time to prepare the food.....then just follow the PLAN.
  2. OPEN your MIND

    When we first heard of this new philosophy that our coach asked us to consider, I would be lying if I said it didn't challenge my preset ideas of what good nutrition is. I would be lying if I said I didn't almost get angry or sad because I would have to "give up" some things.... After We began implementing the plan behind the philosophy, by day 3 reservations had almost vanished all together.

    Most people don't stick to a program because they focus on all the tings that they need to give up or cut back and it honestly breeds emotional discomfort. When there is discomfort our natural response is to resist.....But if you open your mind to an idea and allow it to foster, that discomfort can lead to your greatest strength.
  3.  When in doubt veg out.

    It is often said that you can never eat too many vegetables. I am sure it is possible, but super unlikely. The recommendation daily intake of vegetable changes based on various traits and habits such as genetics, activity level, body mass, metabolic rate etc.....but it is commonly believed that you need to eat between 8-20 servings....PER DAY.

    When people first sign up for a program, we often have a hard time getting people to eat 1 serving! If you are hungry, and you are questions what is something good that you can eat, when in doubt veggie out. Whether at home, a restaurant, grocery store, parties...etc, choose to eat some vegetables, you won't ever be making the wrong choice.
  4. Start your day with a SUPERshake!

    This is one thing I started doing personally. I had a goal of making this a habit, not because I want something fast...but rather I want something sustainable. Every morning, the first meal I consume comes from a cup. I start with about 2-3 cups of spinach, 1 handful blueberries, 3 strawberries, 1/2 a banana, 1 serving nuts, flaxseed, organic dairy-free protein powder, greens powder, and water. Those are all guesstimations, and often times I will change the fruit and nut combos.

    What this does for me: It helps me start my day healthy, which leads to me making healthier choices throughout the day. This helps me automate a small part of my day, automation is a powerful tool of powerful people. It breeds efficiency. This tactic allows me to prepare and eat/drink breakfast much faster...Many people say time is what holds them back...but really its preparation.
  5. Focus on things you GET vs LOSE

    When I first started this new philosophy it called for cutting out caffeine. (not saying caffeine is bad but rather over-consumption is). This for most people would make them feel a few things: angry, pessimistic, possibly "sick". For me personally.... What it asked of me was to give up my 1-2 energy drinks a day and about 3-5 cups of coffee per day.....You think your'e caffeinated, i was essentially Crackinated. (yes I made that up....) 

    Honestly, THIS WAS THE EASIEST THING FOR ME TO PART WITH. It wasn't easy because I didn't like the caffeine....I LOVED the caffeine. Seriously. It was easy because I didn't focus on the fact that I couldn't have it! I focused on all the nutritious things I got to put into my body instead.

People are quick to ask for the next superfood, or which supplement works best....yet they fail to build upon the basics. 

My mentor and coach Martin Rooney always say's "Don't major in the the minors." So in other words, if you want to lose weight...focus on the right foods before you search for the best supplements.  If you wan't to get stronger, focus on the basic movements of exercise before you add in the coolest toys.

Dina and I had been struggling nutritionally because we were focusing on the minors, We tried it all: Perfecting Macro counts, eating PALEO-esque, Low-CARB, Supplements......yet we failed to just clean up the basics.

After we began cleaning up the best We have been essentially caffeine free for the last month, alcohol and soda free, haven't had refined sugars.....and much more....and IT HAS BEEN ENJOYABLE.

Can you believe that?

If we can do it, you can too....

I hope this blog helped, you and feel free to reach out to us for ANYTHING.

Yours in Strength,

Coach Mikey

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