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You Need To Lose Weight... (No Sugarcoating)


I hope not to offend you by saying this, but you need to lose weight, and you know it...i know it, and statistics show it... 2/3 of this country is OVERWEIGHT or OBESE.....I am not attempting to shame you, but let you understand that you are not alone and THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN.

The other day I was reading a Facebook post from a friend of mine that owns a TFW out in Arizona.

He was discussing the epidemic that is obesity and the cost of being obese. He wasn't talking about this in the sense of "fat shaming" but to shed some light on how important overcoming this disease actually is.

It is not uncommon for a person that needs to lose weight to seek out help via a personal trainer, gym, or coach. They will meet with the said coach and love what they hear....yet when they ask price the answer commonly comes in the form of a response similar to "oh...thats too expensive for me." {side note: it's not too expensive....we have people that barely bring in $2000/month that invest in our services....]

and they walk out, determined to just get by and live in their unhealthy habits because being healthy is just too damn expensive.

My buddy Justin Lesh (Owner of TFW Estrella and TFW Huntington Beach), dispelled that myth quite appropriately by posting the following statement:

I overheard someone talking about Tom Brady's diet the other day. Their words were “If I got paid to be in shape I would eat and exercise like that too“. It made me wonder, Would people really eat and exercise different if there was money on the line? What if it was reversed? What if you got charged money to eat bad? Or saved money by eating good. So here is some proof that eating good will save you BIG TIME!
These are annual averages for most common diseases that can be helped/prevented with good nutrition and exercise
Diabetes: $7900 ( 20 Years =$158,000)
Blood Pressure $740 (20 Years = $14,8000
Heart Attack $38k-50k (20 years=$760,000)
Depression $5,880 ( 20 years =$117,600)
Being overweight in workplace for women = a difference of $10,000-$15,000 compared with women of healthy weight. ( 20 years =$240,000)
Over 20 Years that is $1,290,400 if you had all of the above and that doesn't include :
-Short-term disability Costs
-Disability pension insurance
-Sick leave (absenteeism)
-Productivity (presenteeism)
-Gasoline use ( yup there are studies to prove it)
-Life insurance premiums
-Value of lost life due to premature mortality.
This doesn't even take in to consideration costs that have not been studied or are not measurable:
-Missing out on events with family and loved ones
-Not being able to do things with your kids and grandkids
-Loss of relationships/sex life.
-Over all happiness
So If someone told you that if you ate healthy and exercised you could have an extra $60k a year for the next 20 years? Would that be enough to motivate you?
PS i have research to back up all these numbers and facts if you want it.

Now If that isn't staggering to you, let me indulge a little bit further.

A good coach and training program doesn't have to be $500+ per month (depending on your cost of living, some places may be around that price though.)

Literally we cost $169 per month at our dojo. I used to shy away from talking price right away, and I'll be the first to admit that It is not my opening conversation topic but here is why.

People are so afraid of investing in themselves. People are afraid of change....It's too easy for people to blame external sources for their weight gain.... "I just had a baby....2 years ago." or perhaps "I don't have time to eat healthy....I'll just go to McDonalds" "That salad cost $10!...I'll just eat from the dollar menu." [ Side note ordering fries, a burger, a soda, and an ice cream is still going to cost you $5-10 dollars.....

People Think it is too expensive yet they forget these 3 ideas.

1. It may be too expensive because you spend TOO MUCH on your unhealthy habits....don't believe me? Check your bar tab on a Friday night.

2. People define themselves by their current conditions....It is hard to change if you are defined by your habits and your body image.

3. Health care isn't cheap....and you can offset a megaton of costs simply by being HEALTHY.... Look at the stats that my buddy Lesh gave up above.....The truth is plain to see....if you look for it.

I have great news for you though....

YOU NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT!.......the even better news....


If you say you can't, you are lying to yourself....even if you truly believe it, I am telling you....it's just not true.

here's the catch:

You may be able to lose weight, but maybe you can't do it by yourself....

and that is OKAY!

Seriously.....put down the excuses, put down the pride and just say it "MIKEY! HELP ME!!!!"

It is okay to ask for help

They say that somewhere between 80 and 90% of New Years Resolutions fail (how's yours going)....Of course you think it is impossible....but I'll tell you what, it is not the resolution that failed you, it is your pride....it is your excuses that failed you.... YOU NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT, and that is OKAY!

That is why we have a business....that is why I have a career!

You aren't expected to learn how to conduct surgery by yourself, or learn how to build a car by yourself....why would building your health be any different? This is a skill set that I own. It is something that 10+ years has enabled me to do well for others.... 

The same reason you hire a mechanic, is the same reason you NEED to hire a coach...but I guarantee you that hiring a coach would benefit you much more.

You can lose a car and still live, but lose your health and you lose everything.

You need to lose weight, You can lose weight....You just need to do it the right way....

Are you ready to change your life? Are you ready to take CONTROL of your heatlh? Are you tired of feeling miserable, lethargic, and irritable because of who you have become?

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I promise you that we will help you.  We will guide you. We will care for your...and we DEFINITELY won't judge you.

I know you need to lose weight, why would we judge you for doing WHAT YOU NEED TO DO.....

In fact, I'm proud of you for simply reading this far!

If you are ready for a change, we are ready for you.

You deserve it....all you have to do is reach out.

We are here.

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Yours In Strength,

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