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The Cycle of Persistent Success

Good morning warriors!

If you are like me and most people, you are going to get knocked down.

You may set a lofty goal...only to not achieve it.
You may give you all to your job, only to lose it.
You may give your best to your spouse, only to not give enough.
You may lose 25 lbs, only to regain it...

You may have setbacks that are far more extreme than those, and you may have some that are more trivial....but regardless you are going to get knocked down a time or two...or more.

The key to your success is not in never getting knocked down, but rather never getting up (I'm sure you have heard that somewhere before...this is not new knowledge...but  you may not have heard that there is a step by step process to getting back up.

People often associate persistence with a genetic trait, something that they can not do....they don't have it in them...

This is not true.... the difference lies knowing that success is learned and earned it is never given.

If you follow this simple 4 step strategy, I guarantee you a much greater chance at success...in whatever your goals.

4 Steps to Achieving Success (...in fitness and in life)


    This first step, is the area in which most people lack from the get go. When I talk to prospective students, I ask what your goal. This usually leads to a "Lose weight" type of answer....So in turn we begin to work on the who's, what's, when's, and why's behind that goal..... If you have an understanding of what you want...and why you want it...your vision will become clear as to why it is necessary. simply wanting to lose weight is not enough... 

    After you have developed your vision, the next step is simple. Now all you have to do is DECIDE....Decide to take action appropriate to that vision.... this step needs to be repeated...daily, perhaps even hourly. You make a decision to eat nutritious meals vs highly processed foods. You make a decision to get out of bed and attend a gym. You make the decision to go for a walk, or to park at the back of the parking lot....The more of these you make overtime, the closer your vision will become reality.

    Now this is essentially a part two of step 2.... You could make the decision to join a gym, but it means nothing if you never go. You could stock up your fridge with broccoli, but if you don't eat it you won't get super powers... The simple idea is that anyone can make a decision but the action associated with that decision will give you the results you are after....Actions associated with the decisions based off of your vision need to be repeated, and over time your vision becomes reality..

    Now this is perhaps the MOST failed step. The good news is that it does not have to be. This is the point at which when a setback comes, most people decide to quit. You've been working out with a friend, and she quits, so you quit with her. You've been eating a ton of healthy food, yet you binge and eat a tub of ice cream, so you say "screw it". But in the grand scheme of things those things do not have to derail you. Eating a tub of ice cream won't make your goals unrealistic....but giving up will. Your friend quitting the gym won't make you fail, quitting will....The key to success is not in perfection, but persistence...keeping your fire to perform the actions associated with the decisions based off of your vision overtime will turn your vision into reality...


You want to know how to keep your fire? focus on your vision...and repeate the steps. This is why I call it the Cycle of Persistent Success... It really is a cycle, repeat, repeat, repeat.. With this repetition you breed what most people think they do not have....grit...persistence.

I know first hand that this grit is not innate, I have seen so many people develop through our program, not just locally but world wide.

So my homework assignment for you,

Take out a piece of paper and write out your vision.....and I mean hand write....Then go detailed, get emotional, find your NEED....with this vision, your possibilities are endless.

If you would like help with this? Feel free to email us and we will do whatever we can to help you.

Not because we want you to get abs, but because you deserve happiness and success. 

I hope this helps, and if you have any questions feel free to ask in our contact us section of this website.

Yours in Love and Strength,

Coach Mikey



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