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Are you ready to get in the best shape of your life?

How To Increase Your Fitness Success In One Easy Step.

Congratulations warriors!

You have successfully lived to see another day. You have the luxuries of a computer, internet access, and mobile devices that it requires you to even know that this blog exists.

That to me is PHENOMENAL. 

This blog is written with an overall goal of helping you change your LIFE. So once again, congratulations! You not only have a day to live, access to luxuries that many people in the world do not...but you also have an internal drive to become BETTER.

You are one of the few, and that is okat. because soon enough the few will change the world.

You see fitness to me is a simple vessel, a vessel used to carry out a much bigger mission.

Most people will join a gym as a new years resolution, and many people fail...not because they don't have the ability to succeed...they just don't understand the vision! (we talked about that last week) Vision is great and all, but it can not be achieved without understanding.

This is the reason that we call our facility a DOJO, we want to literally help you on the path to great understanding and enlightenment...After all that is what a great coach should do.

With that being said, today's lesson is a big one and if you can implement this new mind-shift, you will succeed. I promise you.

Todays Lesson;


Step 1. (and only step): get stronger MENTALLY!

It sounds simple...it may even sound guru-gimmicky....but if you allow, let me indulge.

How getting "mentally stronger" will help succeed in fitness:

  • Many people give up on fitness because the feel that their efforts weren't successful, a strong mind will understand the depth of the process it takes to truly see changes.
  • Many people will go to the gym and not have a clue as to what to do, a strong mind will go to the gym with intent and purpose.
  • Many people will work out and then when it gets hard they take a break, a strong mind will understand the idea of perseverance and persistence.
  • Many people will workout and then go home and hold on the same habits that got them out of shape in the first place, a strong mind will give you the empowerment to make proper changes...and enjoy it.
  • Many people will work out to lose weight, a strong mind will workout for the feeling that they receive from losing weight 
Many people will work out to lose weight, a strong mind will workout for the feeling that they receive from losing weight

(I repeated it on purpose...that's not a typo... It is just really important)

This is why it is important.

When someone starts a fitness program, especially if someone walks into my doors it means that they are not happy with one or many aspects of their life. When we are unhappy with an aspect of our life, that unhappiness breeds insecurity...that insecurity then breeds unhappiness and we end up in a cycle destined for failure.

So when people walk into a gym (or dojo) they essentially are saying "I'm ready to change" Regardless of their commitment level, they want something to believe in, and they want to be happy with their lives and essentially their entire being.

This means my job essentially is not to teach a squat, yes that is part of it....but the squat is simply a vessel to help that person feel better about themselves. 

The students that see the most success at our dojo, are the ones that understand this concept, and then accept that they are faulty, broken, and mislead....because then they can choose to change it. 

That's where the real change happens.

What happens when you get "mentally stronger":

  • You accept where you are at.
  • You understand that success is a process (of failures).
  • You can slip, and get back on track.
  • You can push yourself harder in the weight room, and on the turf (sprints), thus making you leaner, stronger and much more confident.
  • You learn to accept life's little problems (like getting stuck at a red light or a driver that cuts you off.)
  • You learn how to get the most out of your kitchen. (health is born there ya know)
  • You learn to accept responsibility rather than passing blame.
  • You learn that you have far more power than you or anyone else could ever see.
  • You gain better relationships, better jobs, and a healthier life...full circle.
  • You SUCCEED at life, health, and happiness....regardless of circumstance.

Doesn't that sound appealing?

So you want to succeed at fitness, make sure you put the work in for your mind as well. It is a muscle after all.

How do you get "mentally stronger?":

  • Read a book.
  • Read articles (about positive influences and subjects....not people or us weekly)
  • Watch/attend seminars.
  • Listen to podcasts.
  • Journal.
  • Goal set and plan to attack.
  • Surround yourself with people smarter than you.
  • Surround yourself with people happier than you.
  • Surround yourself with people more optimistic than you.
  • Have conversations.
  • workout.
  • Hire a COACH. 
  • Attend a dojo near you.
  • Pick up a new hobby or skill.
  • When you want to give up.....don't

There is so much you can do...and I could post more on that list...but really, how many of you do everything on there?

My suggestion...pick 1-3 things off of that list and MAKE yourself do it....consistently and with the word "forever" in mind.

You deserve success in fitness, but it starts with your mind.

It is essentially just as easy to quit a fitness program as it is to start one....but its also just as easy to keep it going....you will use the energy somewhere else anyways. Might as well use it to create some good in your life.

If getting healthier is in your goals,  our 8 week challenge may just be the best thing for you.

In our 8 week challenge we TEACH you how to do this. We get you moving, we get you eating healthier, we get you happier about who you are and excited for who you will become. 


I hope this blog has helped you, and feel free to always email me for more advice or to simply have a conversation.

Thank you for reading and remember....you deserve success. BELIEVE IT.

Yours in strength.

Coach Mikey

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