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A little on top of a little....

Good morning warriors!

I'll make this quick....as it is something that needs to be said, and it is something often neglected....the easiest way to succeed is to just implement this ONE STRATEGY.

Instead of rambling on and on about it. I want to encourage you to create ACTION...so I have a few cool facts, some ideas, and some ways to implement this strategy.

One of the biggest keys I have taken away from my mentor Martin Rooney is the fact that "A little on top of a little creates A LOT!" 

You see in the TFW Familia, as owners of a business it is easy for many of us coaches to feel overwhelmed. A lot of us are smaller DOJO's with small teams, if we have teams at all yet. We wear a lot of hats and we strive really hard to wear them all in one day.

One prerequisite that is required if you hope to open a DOJO under our brand is you SINCERELY have to CARE about every single person that walks into your door. 

That sounds good, but the fact that we care so much, means we are never satisfied with our production. We look big picture and there is SO MUCH that we want to accomplish for you guys and dolls.

But when you take a step back from the big picture it becomes clear that the big picture wasn't painted in a single stroke of the brush but with hundreds...thousands...perhaps millions of strokes. 

Some of those strokes weren't pretty, or what was expected...but they added to the beauty of the big picture...because well, a little on top of a little creates a lot.

This simple idea had helped me tremendously! I am a dreamer, I like to envision what I want to achieve. and by focusing on the "little" things, that vision not only becomes clearer...it becomes REALITY.

I would like to argue that since we came back from our 5 day meeting of the minds with our TFW familia, we have had a CLEARER cut vision, we have delivered more, and we have been far more consistent...and it won't change because now...as a dojo, we realize that a little on top of a little will create the lot.

But now Time to bring it to your perspective.

You see running a business is simply a desire, a goal, and a NEED of mine... much like your need to develop healthier habits, to begin a fitness program, or to eat better.

The same concept applies for practically ANYTHING that we want to accomplish in our lifetime.

All you need to do is focus on a single stroke of your paint brush...then do it again...and again....and again...and again. until BAM! you are the lean, strong, emotionally empowered, and confident person that you deserve to be.

Here's a few ideas as to how this simple strategy can CHANGE YOUR LIFE.


  1. Say you stop drinking soda....and previously you would drink 1 -12 oz can of coke per day..
    1. 1 can of sod has roughly 45 grams of sugar.
    2. 45 grams x 365 = 16,425 grams of sugar in a year
    3. 16,425 grams / 453 (grams in a pound) = 36 LBS of sugar in the year
    4. The recommended daily intake of sugar is to not exceed 37.5 g for men and 25 g for women....maximum!
    5. That will add up to A LOT of unwanted fat storage.
  2. Your "little on top of a little" tactic: Focus on the DAY not the fact that you are giving up soda....simply the idea that "I won't have a soda today." and overtime eventually you will forget all about it.
  3. Where people go wrong is they give up soda, bread, and every other "bad" food.....and they burn out...focus on one vice at a time!

Physical Fitness:

  1. Say you begin doing 10 push ups a day. (modified, sets of 1-10...basically at your basic need) and you previously weren't doing any fitness.
    1. 10 push ups is more than you did yesterday.
    2. you will begin building muscle with those 10 push ups...
    3. you will begin to increase your metabolism with those 10 push ups (yes it will be small but it will add up)
    4. Say you add 2 push ups every week. by the end of the year you will be doing  112 push ups a day! and I guarantee that you will be WAYYYY stronger than when you started your first 10.
  2. Your "little on top of a little" tactic: REPETITION is the mother of skill. you may not be great when you start, but you will be eventually. add 2 push ups EVERY week when you decide to take on this challenge...you will start a very low volume to allow your body a chance to get used to it...gradually increasing your reps...a little on top of a little....CREATES A LOT!
  3. Where people go wrong: "I am going to do 100 push ups a day, and 100 squats too...oh and a 5 minute plank" this is wrong for many reasons 
    1. If you are going from straight NO fitness to this you will be extremely sore, and most likely not do it again.
    2. If you do it again, the amount of volume will lead to overuse issues.
    3. You will most likely BURN OUT.

There are so many ways to implement this...but seriously This one quote was a HUGE eye opener for me.. and a MAJOR stress relief.

If you need help designing your "little on top of a little" plan feel free to email me (mikey@tfwvisalia.com) anytime. I am always down to help.

My friendship is free.

In love and strength,

Head coach
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