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Wine or Water


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This morning I told a message to my students about the importance of wine over water.

The importance is not in the health benefits but in the empowerment that it will bring.

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Wine or water....

This morning i was talking to my students about this town that had decided to come together in order to offer a huge batch of wine to a highly powerful king. They wanted to show their loyalty, affection and respect to this king and figured that this was the best way. So over the course of a few days each person of the town would bring a bottle of their finest wine and dump it into a giant barrel.

One man had thought to save his wine, he would dumb a bottle of water into the barrel because "one bottle of wine will surely be covered up by all the wine"

When the king arrived they offered him the wine in which he took a drink only to realize that he had been handed a glass of water...

Now the message from this story took me a while to understand, but now that I do it makes perfect sense....


So many people are quick to reserve their best self for various reasons be it insecurity, embarrassment, selfishness, or something else... We hold back.

If you want to succeed in your goals though, you must do exactly the opposite. You need to give your best wine....and be prepared to do it again and again....if you do, your goal will be achieved. 

We are all so quick to water down our life....to help change this,

Here is my top 5 list as to how to GIVE YOUR BEST WINE

  1. Wake up and count your blessings
    If you think of at least a few of your blessings in the morning the world won't appear so evil to you. Those that complain about the problems of the world rarely see the problems in themselves....Count your blessings and embrace the day for what it is.

    Whether your believe in God or not....It is easy to see the beauty in the world and your blessings if you would simply look at them.
  2. Whatever your job is, give your best
    This does not mean that your best will be perfect...Not every aspect of your job will be enjoyable... BUT if you absolutely despise your career, it is time you think about why you really got into that career in the first place. You can't perform at a high level if there is not passion.

    You deserve to succeed in life, and I guarantee you that if you hate your job it will show in your performance...embrace it and engage in it so that you can move past some of the things you really don't enjoy doing. After all it is a choice and a PRIVILEGE that you get to be there....there is no entitlement
  3. Be a better family member
    Give more love, be more accepting and fight the urge to act upon an angry feeling. I read a book titled The 4 Agreements quite a few yeas ago and the biggest takeaway that I took away was to be impeccable to your word.
    -It may be easy to let a mean comment slip, but the recovery is a long process.
    - You may not mean it, but your kids are always listening....would you want them to say things you say??

    The key to success in relationships is love and acceptance. give love, express love, and constantly work on improving your ability to convey these feelings...this one is hard for us humans as we are all broken but this is DEFINITELY the most important one.
  4. Wherever you spend your time, give it your best energy.
    One of the biggest things I have a hard time understanding is when a person invests money in a hobby, fitness program, or activity only to give half the energy that they could...For example In our dojo the most successful students are the ones that give their all....in what I ask them to do. You can't come in, be mean to people, not listen and half ass what I ask you to do and then expect to get the results that i told you that you could achieve.

    The key to success in your life is often far more correlated to your energy you put into it than your inherent skill....Wan't something bad enough, do something long enough, embrace every aspect of it and believe in it...you will achieve it.
  5. Be willing to sacrifice what you have for what you believe in.
    A big problem that holds people back from happiness is they allow a price to rule their life. They won't take a job they love because it doesn't pay as much as what they currently do but actually hate. That price they pay isn't only paid in money though... People don't attempt to mark things off of their bucket list because they think they are too busy or they don't want to be judged as well.

    The key to ENJOYING life is making sure that you fulfill as many dreams as possible, that you give your best effort and that you don't sacrifice your soul for "reality".

The water or wine analogy has so much impact behind it....which are you going to give?

In love and strength,


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