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Water....The Missing Link to Success in Fitness

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At the beginning of the month we started a #GallonChallenge among our students and coaches. After doing some talking to many of the members we realized one thing, most people weren't drinking enough water on a daily basis.

Now, understand that water makes up 65-70 percent of our body mass, and if we do not drink enough there are significant issues that can come about within your body's systems. To help everyone get on track (myself included) we started a challenge where everyone is shooting to get a gallon of water in per day. It may seem like a lot, but keep in mind a healthy adult can ingest about 3 gallons per day without negative repercussions...a gallon of water is about 16- 8 oz glasses. For a petite human beings 8 oz would be good, but depending on how much mass you have it may be different, we chose a gallon because well, not every body is the same, depending on what you are going through with your hormones, physical activity, and various other factors 64 oz may not cut it. A gallon is not detrimental and in fact has numerous benefits to your success in fitness and life.

Today I wanted to share 3 facts as to why Hydration is so important, there are so many more reasons than these 3...but as a coach, I tried to narrow it down to the 3 most relevant to our body image goals.


  • One thing that is greatly affected by your water intake is your skin. I know this first hand as I have ALWAYS struggled with this one as well, I have noticed that as I get older i have bouts of Psoriasis, My skin is looking more weathered, and I am developing some wrinkles that didn't exist. Often times people cite these to getting older, but what they don't realize is that without properly hydrating you are taking away the elasticity of the skin....if you want a visual aid, think of a piece of dried fruit...once it loses its water, it begins to shrivel up (grape to raisin).If you want to stay younger.
  • Another BIG factor that hydration plays to keeping you younger is it keeps your aches and pains away....You all have heard of hunger pains, but did you know there is such a thing as thirst pains as well? Often times when we don't take in enough water our joints will begin to ache, another thing that people attribute to old age....but in fact if you can focus on drinking water you will have a few things happen; your muscle will become more elastic and flexible, and your joints will be relieved of a lot of stress from the tightness of muscles, not to mention that synovial fluid is made up primarily of water as well. You would be hard pressed, to find any facts that say otherwise.


  • Water acts as a natural appetite suppressant, as many people feel hungry when they are in fact simply dehydrated. The ability to stay hydrated will help curb those false hunger feelings which will lead to less over-eating.
  • Water will help your body metabolize fat at a faster rate. When we are dehydrated, the liver has to take over some of the functions from the kidneys as dehydration forces them to not perform as efficiently. One of the livers main jobs is to metabolize stored bodyfat, and if it has to work overtime on other tasks it will not be able to do its own job as efficiently.


  • We often overlook the simplicity that is our body, we try to find all kinds of advanced supplements, and advanced techniques to help our gains...but we fail to instill the basics first. People are quick to do 20 different bicep curl variations before realizing they need to perfect one, and eat well to amass any type of gains...this concept is true for water intake as well. If you are hoping to pile on some muscle try pouring up some h2o first.
  • Water is necessary to transport nutrients through to your cells, and to transport waste out (detoxifying), Water will help form your muscle shape and use, and if you aren't hydrated enough you are more likely to suffer from muscle cramps and spasms. 
  • I have to mention as well that since muscle building is directly tied to your nervous system, and recruiting as many muscle fibers as you can hydrating is imperative as it is a major player in the functionality of your nervous system. 

Now as I mentioned before, this is only 3 of the many reasons you should drink water...but the list can go on forever. You could look at study after study and I can guarantee, no one would ever say water is bad for you. 

We often go through our day and fail to realize that we under-hydrate ourselves, because the results of water aren't immediate, or the fact that so many issues we deal with are chalked up to "old age" or "bad genetics", we think that "it could never be that simple."...When the fact remains, if we simply take care of ourselves, we can sustain a happier, and healthier life.

My challenge to each of you, if you are not on it...get on it and join us in the gallon challenge. 31 days (1 for each day in July) and I GUARANTEE that you will feel the difference.

In love and strength,


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