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Good Day Warriors!

Today I wanted to take some time to talk to you about some struggles.... Yes you read that right, did you know that even the most positive people will struggle? and they will struggle A LOT!

Most people ask me "How do you have so much enthusiasm..." and then through excuses why I shouldn't such as "it's Monday..." or "You've been up since 4 am..." 

Some people will mock the enthusiasm...we call this throwing "salt in the water", something that should be refreshing for a bad day, gets salted down because they have a hard time grasping that LIFE IS A BEAUTIFUL GIFT. 

The point of my enthusiasm is not in a sale, but in the gift and hope that it can help someone turn a bad day into a great day.... One thing that I live for is to see a person flash a smile in the face of turmoil or adversity. That is in essence what makes me a coach...somebody that TRULY wants to see you happy and successful. 

The truth of the matter is that as a person, I struggle every day... but the struggle is also just as beautiful as the success. 

There are a few things that I learned from my mentor Martin Rooney about HOW to overcome these struggles, and I use these STRATEGIES every day...If you ever wondered how I maintain my enthusiasm...or how I can devote so much time to so much...this is it....

4 Ways to Become Your Biggest Asset

  1. Turn your WEAKNESS into a STRENGTH

    • "Don't get upset about your weaknesses because you will be glad someday for the things that it FORCED you to become." 
    • Often times, people will try to HIDE their weaknesses, and only sell their strengths...because honestly, who doesn't like to FEEL GOOD, realizing you have faults...forces you to breakdown and accept things that you aren't good at...AND THAT FEELING SUCKS! But the beautiful thing about this process is the understanding that your weaknesses can be a problem, but if you choose to focus on changing that weakness that problem can change into a a....possibility! 

    • "The best in the world, make possibilities from their problems."
    • Often times when people have a problem, when they mess up on something, or fail to do something correctly they get angry, frustrated, and BEAT THEMSELVES UP over it.... The one thing that the most successful people in the world do better than the rest, is when a problem arises they find a way to GROW from it.  When they give a bad presentation at work, they figure out the flaws in their weakness/problem and they work on IMPROVING it. 
  3. Turn your OBSTACLE into an OPPORTUNITY

    • "Remember FAILURE isn’t final. Think of it as eliminating another option stopping you from SUCCESS."
    • Often times we will blame circumstances on our problems, think about it... how often have you said "I would do ______ but I can't because ______." We blame the government, we blame other peoples ambition, we blame our home life, our bank account, or other various circumstances..... but the truth of the matter is NONE OF THAT IS TRUE! You can find REAL LIFE stories all over the place of people that overcame the same problems that we  complain about daily. The only true thing that gets in the way, is ourselves. The obstacles that we encounter, will allow you to think outside of the box, to find a new way to succeed....If we allow it to. There is no absolute, other than that our MIND can either be our strongest asset to success or our strongest enemy...If you are willing accept that things will get in the way...THEY ALWAYS DO....than you can begin to find a new path to your goal....turn your OBSTACLE, into an OPPORTUNITY to succeed.
  4. Turn your BREAKDOWN into a BREAKTHROUGH

    • "Everything is not going to go to plan.  You will make mistakes, but don’t view them as losses.  See them as lessons.  On your quest to first class, use your errors to find another way to the top."
    • When you make mistakes and feel as if the world is conspiring against you, you have a choice....you can breakdown and accept that you just aren't fit to succeed...or you can have a BREAKTHROUGH and view failures as lessons to IMPROVE. We often see these failures as an indicator that we aren't smart enough...or good enough... and we try to avoid these failures because of two things: We hate the feeling of inadequacy, and we don't want others to view us as inadequate...which in itself is our biggest flaw because that breakdown can be USED to become better...you have a choice to use those BREAKDOWNS as BREAKTHROUGHS....

You see....

These strategies seem insurmountable, to some (The Negative Nancy's and Nate's) they will say "That's unrealistic.." but the beauty of it is that ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is make the decision. When a problem arises, focus on these 4 strategies....think to yourself...

"How can I learn from this..." "How could I have done this differently..." "It is over, What can I do now..."

We often beat ourselves up over our weaknesses, problems, obstacles, and breakdowns.....This only will make the problems MAGNIFIED.....

Our feelings of inadequacy hold us back....because we are scared of what others think...
Our feelings that others will judge us will hold us back.....because we feel like a victim....
Our feelings that we are the victim will hold us back...,because we have NO CONTROL...

Just stop, use these strategies and IMPROVE....No one really cares when you fumble your words... No one really  cares when you trip and land on your face...GET BACK UP! Dust yourself off, and TACKLE your issue.....If you don't, I promise you.....

It will never change....

You now have they keys, to change and I hope these help.... Do not simply read the post, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put it into action!

You deserve it.

In love and strength,


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