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5 COACHES, 5 LESSONS: motivation

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

With November coming to an end, and holidays all around us. We know one thing...that the new year is upon us.

With the new year, comes the innate desire to lose weight. This is going to be the year that we ACTUALLY change.

We know that there is no other option.

Then in two maybe three weeks that motivation gets draining.

We skip a work out, eat a little more fast food....and in fact we take three steps back before we even took one step forward.

But deep down you do know that, you can do it.... you just cant figure out the missing link.

The missing link is pretty simple. It is understanding WHY....Anyone that has done anything successfully, has had an emotional tie to what they were doing. There is no way around it.

So by understanding your own motivation, and believing in it you will almost always succeed.

Today we bring 5 AMAZING TFW coaches together to let you know what their motivation is, and help you understand yours better. 

I want to send a big shout out to our familia for contributing to our blog, and I know what they have to say will inspire you guys! 

Without further ado,

5 Coaches, 5 Lessons: What is your motivation to stay healthy.

Healthy Family

Last year I almost lost my mom at age 51 to heart disease. She was not exercising as much as she needs to, not treating her diabetes and her nutrition was awful. She suffered two small heart attacks until she went to the doctor. My mom’s doctor ran an EKG and tests and immediately sent her to a nearby hospital. She needed surgery. My mom survived a 6 way bypass and had a full recovery. That motivated to keep my body in shape to be an example to my family and friends. Turning 30 this year also fueled the fire because I know that heart disease and diabetes runs in my family health history. I want to break the cycle. If you have a family history that includes cancer, heart disease, obesity and/or diabetes, be the change. This past year was an eye opener. My mom is doing well with her cardiac rehab and my dad changed his lifestyle with Training for Warriors and lost over 100 pounds. I also love working out with my brother when he visits from college. Sometimes the best way to lead is to lead by example.

Coach Kenny Hall, TFW Sequim

Maximize Your Life, Reduce Regret

My main motivation to be healthy is the fact that over the last few years I've realized that time goes fast... Extremely fast. As the years fly by you realize that there are things you could do a few years ago that you cannot do just as well now. My mindset now is to maximize my health and fitness now and achieve all my sporting and fitness goals, so that I don't look back in future years as to what might have been. The fear of future regret is something that is in the back of my mind constantly.

Also as I've a young family I have responsibility to both stay healthy for them, but also to show my children a lifestyle that they can adopt themselves as they grow up. I'm passing on powerful good habits to them which can only enhance their wellbeing and health in the future.

What's my advice for other people on how to develop the same drive and hunger for a healthy lifestyle? I guess my main piece of advice is to make the most of your current abilities and to maximize your full potential from fitness and exercise perspective. Time goes too quickly....and before you know it you will wish you managed your health better a "few years ago".

Coach Brian McShane, TFW Tyrone

How Does Your Health Effect Your Life

When you live a healthy lifestyle, so many more things become possible. The confidence you exude takes you places. You will take chances, and put yourself out there in ways a less healthy and less vibrant you would be too afraid of.

We only get one shot at this life. Why would you let something as simple as eating healthy and being active deter you from making the most of it? Wouldn’t you rather invest a little time and effort into your body each day so that when an opportunity for a great experience arises, you’re ready? Ask yourself what is important.Create a list of 5-10 core values or ethics by which you live your life. Then see if living a healthier lifestyle would hinder or help those values. Every time you will find that being as healthy as possible will only increase the way you live out those values.

Coach Gary Gonzalez, TFW Eugene

What Motivates Me to Stay in Shape

When approached to write this piece, I must say it was a little bit of a struggle. To give concrete insight on exactly what drives me to stay healthy was nearly impossible. After taking some time to really dig deep I have come up with what I believe to be 3 crucial driving forces to remaining the most fit version of me.

When looking to get, fit or making lasting lifestyle change, a simple I want to look better is just not going to cut it.

There will be days where you lack motivation, the weather is bad, you are crunched for time or life just simply gets in the way. No matter what there will be obstacles that stand in your way. It is important to find a deep burning why behind what you do.

I truly believe you should link your future goals to your current beliefs and personal core values. Before ever setting a goal, thing about the things that you would die for. The things that you would end a close relationship if these values were not met.

·         Being Respectful to Others & Oneself

·         Having Honor & Taking Pride in My Work

·         Always Telling the Truth Even When Unpopular

·         Keeping Promises to Myself & Others

Those are just a few examples to help you get your mind flowing. Once you know what you stand for you can make your goals match those values and beliefs.

Reason #1: I Believe That I am Only at My Best When I Train Regularly with Intensity & Eat Healthy

To keep up with the demand in my business and provide value to my members, I must be at 100%. This means training and nutrition can no longer be ignored. I must eat healthy and set positive examples for my students.

This job requires high energy. To keep that fire burning I must truly dedicate time for training, recovery, sleep and healthy nutrition.

Reason #2: The Way I Feel About Myself Is Directly Linked to How I Look & Perform

Personally, I struggle with confidence. When I start losing muscle due to lack of training and nutrition it effects different areas in my life. I am less likely to engage in a conversation with new people. I am less likely to produce helpful content to my viewers due to my appearance. It effects what clothes I wear.

Looking strong and feeling strong is a huge confidence boost. I am more likely to take bigger risk, meet new people and build meaningful relationships.

Avoiding the feeling of being weak and having low self-esteem is enough to keep me moving forward. Monthly body composition testing and creating a program I must follow really helps me with staying accountable.

Reason #3: I Owe It to My Girlfriend to Be in The Best Shape

When we first started dating, we shared the same desire to be in shape and healthy. We also noticed what happens to couples when they are comfortable with each other. They lose that desire to be physically fit and attractive.

To keep the passion in our relationship, we made a promise to always work on ourselves to deliver our best version of ourselves to the other. Seeing her work hard and get strong makes it easy for me to do the same. We are in it together. We are a team and take pride in holding each other accountable while still living life.

Coach Chris Lingham, TFW South Jersey

Surround Yourself With Like Minded People

I’ve always been an advocate of leading from the front and that you are defined by your actions and not your words.

I have seen firsthand how exercise can positively impact someone’s life.

There’s no better feeling than helping people achieve what they never thought possible whether it be getting their first chin-up, their first time ever deadlifting a weight off the floor, or simply getting to the gym consistently every week to shed that stubborn body fat they’ve been working so desperately to lose.

What keeps me motivated are these very people who I’ve helped during my time as a coach. They are what make up the community that we have built over the years at San Jose Barbell.

The results they’ve achieved while I’ve worked with them continue to stoke the fire within me to stay strong towards my own health and fitness goals.

This is why I’m so thankful for them.

Without this amazing community and their support, I wouldn’t have achieved the things I put my mind to in and out of the gym – growing my business, continuing to improve my own health, and chasing after the goals that may seemingly be impossible to some like someday deadlifting four times my body weight.

It’s pretty simple – if you surround yourself with like minded individuals who aspire to achieve their goals, you will be more likely to succeed in your own.

The first step in staying motivated in whatever you set out to do – whether it be something related to the gym or not – is to first have a clearly defined goal.

Don’t just say “I want to lose fat” or “I want to get stronger.”

Be as specific as possible so that you can have the clearest path possible to achieving it: “I want to lose 10 pounds of fat” or “I want to get stronger and deadlift 100 pounds.”

When you have that down, join a community that will nourish that goal or goals.

Join a gym with people who have the same goal, and not a weekend party group if you’re looking to achieve something in improving your own health and fitness. But if you’re looking to party more, then of course by all means join that weekend party group.

Everyone has different goals.

YOU are not everyone.

Go after what you truly want to achieve, join people who are striving to do the same, and don’t stop working towards those goals.

Life is simple.

Don’t make it complicated.

Coach Aljay Resngit, San Jose Barbell (home of TFW San Jose)

The motivation behind our actions, is always personal. What inspires one person may not work for the next...but one thing is for sure.

If you want to succeed (at anything) you need to develop a PASSION for it. 

Passion will always win. Develop a passion...use your emotion to your advantage...That will develop your success.

This time of year always drives people towards their goals, my advice to you...DO IT!

Develop your reason why,  develop your passion....and DO IT

You deserve it!

Happy Thanksgiving,

Yours in Strength

Coach Mikey

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