Hey you,

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You Aren't Fat.

Good day warriors,

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and said to yourself "I am fat."

How did that make you feel?

When is the last time someone looked at you and said "you're fat."

How did that make you feel...

Some would argue that it doesn't faze them. But one thing that  I have learned over the years is that an insecurity never feels good. We may be great and covering our feelings for jokes and laughs but you can rest assured that you aren't alone in being hurt.

When you are hurt by a comment about your own being, you start to believe the lies that people tell you.

There is one thing that I really want you to put into perspective....YOU CAN NOT BE FAT.

That is not even a possibility. An accumulation of something is simply a possession, it is not a being.. It is not that powerful.

There are many things that you CAN BE, but a possession isn't one of them. Just like money, it can be lost and accumulated very easily. When you own a lot of money you don't become it.

Therefore when you have fat, you are not fat....

This is a simple paradigm but change it and I guarantee you a much easier time losing the weight. You want to know the reason?

Reasons You Need A Paradigm  Shift:

  • hen you are something, you already have accepted yourself to be a certain way..it makes it hard to change what you accept as permanent.
  • By telling yourself that you are fat, you are conceding to the bully that lives within. The bully's aim is  is to distract you from completing the things you desire to do in life. They want you to break.
  • By telling yourself that you have fat, you understand that it doesn't define you. Although it may be unhealthy it doesn't deem you good or bad in this world. 
  • By telling yourself that you have fat, you understand that there is a possibility for you to change.
  • It makes it far easier to change when you are open to the fact that change is necessary, and you can do it.
  • Understanding that you are in control, gives you power. 

One thing that makes me sad, is the passion that most people put behind the comment that "i am so fat" but then have a hard time developing a passion for "I've got this." or as we sat at TFW "Hallussa"

there is a social normal that make it okay to degrade yourself and your peers, but not okay to build yourself or others up. 

This has to change. This is where the "I'm fat" talk comes in. This is really what a true coach is out to change. A coach won't be there to just help you lose weight.

Anyone can do that...A coach truly wants to see you happy.

A true coach wants you to be so secure with your being that you are willing to BE YOU. Like really be you. not who you think others want to you to be.

So let me reiterate this to you....


You are wonderfully powerful.
You are fully capable.
You are strong.
you are magnificent.

Get that in your head, figure out a few ways to BETTER yourself everyday.

Fat loss is that simple. All you have to do is stop searching for it and focus on what truly matters.


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Be you + Be healthy = Be happy (it is simple math)

Yours in strength,

Coach Mikey


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