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5 Coaches, 5 Strategies: "I'm too busy to eat healthy"

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Over the next  12 months I will be adding a new blog each month focused on getting you advice from some of the smartest minds in fitness. One of my goals at TFW Visalia is to help dispense  knowledge that can not only help you but can change your life Over the next 12 months we will be breaking down some excuses and offering strategies that can help you overcome them..

One of the most used excuses when it comes to eating healthy is not having enough time. So much so that my last blog was inspired by the too busy concept….but I also felt the need to reach out to some of my TFW familia to give their best advice for someone that is “too busy” . There is more than one way skin a cat (never understood that saying), my way of coaching may not necessarily register with everyone. I figured this is a way that we can help YOU, become better.

If you struggle with TBS (Too Busy Syndrome) this blog was created just for you!

Without further ado, let’s get to it.

Coach Jonathon Nolan, TFW East Metro:

When a student tells me they are 'too busy' to eat healthy I respond with a question.

"Are you too busy to eat?"

The student usually looks at me weird. Then they respond with something like, "Well, no. I need to eat something."

Which I respond by saying, "That's right. You do need to eat. It's your choice what to eat. And either way you choose, healthy or unhealthy, it takes time to do so. Usually the same amount of time. So eating unhealthy isn't because you're 'too busy' or 'don't have enough time to eat healthy,' it's about planning, or lack thereof.

Remember "Failing to plan is planning to fail."

At this point the student has a light bulb moment in which I'll ask, "Do you need help making a plan or can you develop your own plan to eat healthy?"

Coach Kian Ameli, TFW Concord:

It's one sentence:

Get your head out of your ass.

Seriously though. There are 1000's of examples of busy people making time for healthy food, so I won't beat a dead giraffe - but if they can do it there has to be a way for you to do it too.

think about it this way, in whatever situation you find yourself just eat as well as you can.

Let's walk through a few scenarios, keep in mind that these suggestions are for people who are "too busy" so they're on the extreme side.

1. Eating lunch out with office friends. Don't order nachos, get the chicken salad with the dressing on the side.

2. Holiday party - Anything drenched in sauce is out, fried, etc., pop a squat next to the veggie platter

3. Lunch with the kids.

First - why are you feeding your kids junk that is unhealthy?
Second - there is no second, start *TEACHING* your kids to love broccoli. That's part of your job

4. Road trip/traveling - Beef jerky and nuts are great. Any starbucks or spot like that will have at least a banana. If you're flying skip the alcohol

Do you see a pattern now? It's about taking a bad situation and flipping it to the best possible.

It's harder that doing what you've always done. You did say you want to lose fat, and feel good, right?

Start at your next meal and make the best decision possible.

Coach Mike Subs (Sobczak), TFW Doylestown:

The easiest strategy is the easiest solution its DATA, DATA, and DATA

You can’t manage what you don’t measure; data goes hand in hand with behavior so in order to find the function of the behavior you need to have the proof.

Look at your schedule and write down to the hour what your average week looks like and if you think that's "stupid," then you obviously don't want to see any change in your life. How many hours are in a day? 24, right? What about a week? 164...you have to have a plan and follow it through, stop stopping your success.

Take the time on a Sunday morning to figure out your meals for the week, for example:

 breakfast: you know how good oatmeal is for you? You know it only takes like 5 minutes especially with quick oats?

Lunches: Buy a family size pack of chicken and slice each breast in half to have more, season it however you want, then make some quinoa and BAM you have your lunches for the week. Don’t hesitate to be creative.

Dinners can then be planned out as well, but this whole process of planning MAY take you all of 1 hour out of your day and will set you up for success with the rest of the 163 hours out of the week.

Do you think Danny Ocean was able to make all those heists work by rolling into each casino? NO, he took his time and planned things out.

If you don’t write it down, it didn’t happen, and if it doesn’t happen then you’re not trying. So make sure you take the data and use it to your advantage so you can set yourself up for success.

Coach Jeff Hand, TFW Stockyard:

I have them take the 168 hours that we have in a week, and subtract out EVERYTHING that they do. From work, sleep, to recreation and family time to show them we ALL have the same 24 hours in a day and the same 168 hours in a week, and that if this fitness journey is important to them, we can make it work.

Coach Mike Cronin, TFW Providence:

Here are my three strategies when I feel overwhelmed, or too busy to do the small things necessary to accomplish my goals:

1) I build a badass schedule. I mean awesome. This schedule tells me when grad school is, business, training, meals and snacks, foam rolling and mobility to stay injury free, and more. Do I follow it 100%? No. But it is a great resource for me when I feel like I have a billion things to do and I do what is most important because that's what it says on the schedule!

2) I have a team around me. It's still building. But every person has people around them that can help with something, and you can help them too. There's no pride in doing everything. I think that's the scenic route to less results.

3) Have a strong enough WHY! This may be the biggest tip to help you. If your reasons (or why) are not big enough then you won't succeed, period. You have to tell yourself that no matter what, come hell or high water, injuries or kids being sick so I can't make it to the gym, or whatever excuse life or your rationalizing mind wants to throw at you, that you will get your results, no matter what.

Obviously my great friend and coach, Mikey, wanted me to talk about how this portrays to food, but I think these rules apply to everything you want to be successful at. By the way, if you are in Visalia, you should definitely check out Coach Mikey and TFW Visalia, he is a person I talk to daily and believe me when I say he cares way more about you, improving your self worth, and your results than you do!


It is safe to say that a big key to change is preparation. This does not mean that you have to meal prep on Sunday, it just means that you need to prepare, however that works for you is perfect. I hope you enjoyed hearing from some of our TFW familia. These guys are smart and one of the biggest thingsthat you could do for your health is to join a community, find a culture, and become who it is that you want to be. I am glad to be able to call on my familia to help you all out. 

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