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21 ways to Stop being TOO BUSY

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Earlier this week I sent out an email about the "I'm too busy" excuses that plagues our society. we are so busy being busy that we forget to be productive and happy. If you are like me, you suffer from this idea of busyness from time to time. 

I wanted to compile a list of ways to change that....Because honestly, I guarantee you that you are lying to yourself. 

We have a life that we care for, that we want to love....but the problem is that we put everything before it.

Here are 21 ways to stop being TOO BUSY

  1. If you are too busy to eat breakfast wake up 15 minutes earlier. Literally... it is that simple... it takes about 5 minutes to scramble some eggs and 5 minutes to steam some broccoli (yes I love steamed broccoli and eggs).  Cook them together and it leaves you  7-10 minutes to eat it.
  2. Get rid of your cable or satellite TV. The average american watches over 4 hour of TV per day. (according the report by Neilson) If you are in need of time to make it to the gym....4 hours seems reasonably enough time.
  3. Delete the Facebook App from your phone.  Facebook users use on average between 50 minutes and 2 hours on Facebook each day. If you delete the app from your phone it will be less accessible. 
  4. Eat simply. Many people don't cook because they say it takes too much time...but I have timed it, and the average cooking time for me is between 10-20 minutes. I tend to cook a vegetable (usually steamed or sauteed, a protein usually grilled broiled or cooked in a pan, and a carb)
  5. The crock pot and oven is a simple way to cook super tender, flavorful, and aromatic meals with little work. simply prep and cook for up to 6 hours while you do other important stuff.
  6. No one is too busy to move more. Wake up and do 50 push ups (at an appropriate difficulty).
  7.  Too busy to read? Bring a book into the bathroom instead of your cell phone.
  8.  Set a task lists when you have " a lot" to do.... Writing lists, will increase your efficiency in completing the tasks.
  9. Write a list of what is important to you, this will help you devote your time to the things that matter most.
  10. Write a list of ALL of your obligations: including "doing the dishes" and small tasks, and take off some tasks that you really don't need to do or don't enjoy.
  11. Use the list of your obligations to organize when you do what, a big problem with being too busy is more of an efficiency issue over a time issue.
  12. Take Breaks. Studies have shown time and time again that a fresh mind, produces fresh results...if you live in constant anxiety you will actually lower your efficiency.
  13. Eat healthy foods. The food that you eat will help nourish the mind and body which will increase your efficiency in every day life.
  14. To busy to eat healthy? Prepare snacks and meals the night before or morning of.
  15. Cook extra food at dinner so that you have enough for lunch and breakfast the next day.
  16. Too busy to drink water throughout the day? Carry a bottle with you, and monitor how much you drink each hour. (Seriously it takes 3 seconds to sip some water)
  17. Is your goal to lose weight? Prioritize your workout with friends over your dinner with friends. 
  18. Drink your coffee at home, have it ready to brew the night before and brew it while you get ready. If you stop at starbucks it will take you a minimum of 5 minutes (sometimes up to 20 minutes to get your drink.
  19. Purchase a personal training membership, not a $10 a month membership....studies show we will prioritize something if we spend more money on it.
  20.  Declutter your life, get rid of sour relationships, dreadful hobbies, and condense your  chores....Happiness is the goal.
  21. Don't be afraid to say "no."  This is the biggest tip on the list, we get caught doing things that side track ourselves from our goals because we are too afraid to tell people no. This builds nothing but stress and resentment. 

Many of these things I struggle with too, but the biggest key that I can give you is the same thing that I tell myself....

My decisions determine my actions. I am not too busy, I just didn't prioritize the best way that I should. The key to changing your priorities is being aware of them.

If you have a specific goal, you need to break down the actions that need to be in place to achieve that goal. Then, and only then will you be able to go from busy to productive.

You are never too busy to embrace life....figure out what you need and you will become happy as you achieve it.

Yours in strength,


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