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As the holiday season creeps up on us, we face the same battle that comes about annually. The battle between losing fat and eating that extra slice of pumpkin pie. This battle plagues households for a full 3 months (in all truth, it is a repeating cycle year round) as people travel from The beginning of Pumpkin Spiced everything to I am never going to do that again New Years Day. 

I just want to let you know that I understand, I too love a tall glass of eggnog.

The tips that I have for you are simply put, ways to help you burn fat and build muscle while you travel through this treacherous life A majority of these things do not take much effort, but they do require you to actually do them. 

As you read, I would love for you to pick 2-5 of these and make them  a part of your life. These are habits, they are ways for you to enjoy your holidays, and indulge in the sinful goodness that is sugar and pastries without having the guilt and the setback as to if you didn't pay attention to your health. These are habits that shouldn't be ditched on January 1st....but rather let's add to it!

Check it out.


  1. Use a Small dinner plate. As American's we have this need to overeat. If you were to measure out your portions more likely than not it is 2-3x smaller than that which you actually eat. A smaller dinner plate will help keep the food off of your plate.
  2. Strength train 2-3 days per week. The stronger your body, the more muscle you have. When you build muscle, you also increase your body's ability to burn fat more efficiently in your daily life.
  3. Condition, don't do cardio. If you are looking to really capitalize on a fitness regiment you need to do what is most efficient use of your time. Doing sprints, or interval training will increase your body's metabolic rate and will force you to burn more calories post work out than if you do anything for slow and steady.
  4. Don't skip the veggies. A big key to keeping calories down is to overload your plate with these nutrient dense super foods. Vegetables are loaded with vitamins and minerals that will help you increase your body's overall health, decrease your chance of illness, and increase your energy levels....all while doing so with very little calories. I think it would be safe to say that you can eat as many veggies as you want. (not the deep fried ones...)
  5. Wait 20 minutes before you go for seconds. Another trait that is common in today's society is the fact that we simply over eat because we eat so damn fast. Our body can not tell if we are full or not. This forces us to eat more than we should.
  6. Replace your bagel or muffin at breakfast for an an omelet and a slice of whole wheat toast. People make the reason the eat a crappy breakfast about time. Time is not a reason it is an excuse. It can literally take 5 minutes or less to make an omelet. throw 2 cups of spinach in a pan, crack 3 eggs in that pain, break the yolk, flip and fold.....it doesn't have to be fancy.
  7. Do more push ups. When you wake up, do 10-50 push ups (if you need to make it easier elevate your hands onto the top of your couch or kitchen table.) When you go to sleep...do 10-50 push ups. The more movement you do in a day will equate to more calorie usage.
  8. Use a hand basket at the grocery store. Yes, I look ridiculous some times when I carry a hand basket and it end s up weighing 40 lbs....but hey, if you carry your groceries you will not only burn more calories by walking with resistance, but you will most likely buy less junk due to limited space in the basket.
  9. Play with your kids. I shouldn't have to tell you this one....but it seems like a lot of parents seem to forget the feeling when your parents showed you attention. Instead of sitting on your phone, tickle your kids, chase them around, crawl like an animal with them, wrestle them...be more active in their lives and you will easily be more active in your life.
  10. Play with your spouse. Doing the dirty has been known to burn quite a few calories.
  11. Go for walks. Take your family, take your friends....talk about the scenery, pay attention to the world...Embrace the beauties of life...not only will the walk be easier, but you will feel happier.
  12. Put some stock in yourself. So many people put their energy into everyone else. This makes them feel like they do not have time for themselves. Take some of that energy and give it to yourself (workout, read, hobbies etc), others will appreciate the difference it makes in your mood and energy  you have with them.
  13. Go on adventures.  Spur of the moment hiking trip, quick day trip to a local museum or exhibit, if you live close (within 2 hours) to a beach, go walk on the sand. Adventures nurture the soul, and invigorate your activity level. When you are someone different than home it is hard to not explore.
  14. When you eat out, eat at nicer restaurants. Eating out at fast food and at restaurants like Chili's you are more likely to eat junk food, and extreme portions.  If you eat at a "fancy" restaurant the portions are usually smaller (which most people complain about)...but in fact the food is usually higher quality as well.
  15. Mow the lawn. You can burn calories by pushing a sled at the gym, what is the difference between that and pushing a lawn mower....keep your lawn fresh and mow it on the weekend.
  16. Ride a bike. Not only will you feel great having the wind blow through your hair, but you will burn calories as you stroll around town. Activity doesn't have to be hard to be effective. take it slow and enjoy the scenery.
  17. Decorate your house. As you decorate your house for the holidays you will be walking up and down ladders, reaching and moving in ways that you don't usually move..this is essentially low impact - low intensity exercising. It helps.
  18. Drink 16 oz of water with each meal. Often times we mistake dehydration for hunger and we over eat to fill the void. By drinking 2 glasses of water before and with dinner, you will slow down your eating and you will also help full that satiation feeling with high quality, calorie free water.
  19. Bring a backpack to work. You can put healthy snacks in it, books, and journals etc. Get back to the simplicity of life. If you get hungry your snacks are quick (nuts, seeds, fruit, veggies, protein etc.) If you have a bright idea you can write it down (people often dismiss their genius too fast...) If you are waiting for a meeting ,you may have 15 minutes to read...remember the body follows the mind, make the mind healthy and your body will follow.
  20. Order a tall coffee at Starbucks. People spend a lot of money, and a lot of calories on their venti PSL and other foo-foo drinks. Truth is, not only is all the sugar and calories bad for you, but so are the additives to make it taste so "good". Not to mention the fact that anything more than 8 oz of coffee has an adverse effect when it comes to fat loss.. Caffeine is a great addition to fat loss success if it isn't over consumed.
  21.  Do things for others. If someone needs help moving, say yes. If you are at a busy office and an elderly person walks in, offer them your seat. If someone asks you to run to the store for them, do it....The more you do for others, the more you do in general. The world is often stuck in "MeZone" and  that gets depressing. Do things for others, and not only will you burn more calories, but you will emotionally feel appreciated. That's an awesome feeling.
  22. Use an elliptical. So many coaches are quick to condemn the use of cardio equipment.... Tell them to bug off. Moving more is awesome, This tip doesn't mean you shouldn't lift and sprint...it just means do something you feel good doing!
  23. Do more charity work. Attend events such as local 5k races, go to charity events, go out and feed the homeless, donate time at a shelter or church. This will help you become more grateful, and it will get you off of the couch.
  24. Get rid if cable and Netflix. One of the biggest issues we have in our unhealthy society is that people spend too much time in front of a TV screen, If you watch more than 2 hours of TV (I would even argue 1 hour) each day....that time could be spent nurturing relationships and relaxing with family and friends... Get active with your family and friends. it's far more rewarding than watching a housewife that you do not know cheat on her wealthy husband that you do not know.
  25. indulge in your favorite treats. Live a lifestyle that is healthy, and indulge in the unhealthy treats. just don't overdo it. You deserve to drink your eggnog and eat a slice of pumpkin pie cheesecake. You do not deserve to eat a WHOLE pumpkin cheese cake. There is a difference.

This list could go on and on, but the simple fact is that your health is your decision. We live in a society at glamorizes gluttony, obesity, and depression (don't believe me, watch the news). We think it is normal, but what we don't realize is that this normal tears us apart. 

Implement healthy habits, understand that too much of a good thing becomes a bad things, and realize that your happiness is far more important than watching the drama of the world. 

You deserve health, you deserve happiness. 

Let me know which habits you will implement and if you need help, feel free to email me at Mikey@tfwvisalia.com. 

You've got this.....Hallussa.

Yours in Strength,


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